Busking SignNewquay BID, with the support of Newquay Town Council, the Police and Cornwall Council, is introducing a new voluntary busking code for the town.  The code is intended to reduce the amount of nuisance busking that upsets shoppers and nearby businesses but recognises the positive contribution it makes to the atmosphere of the high street.

The Code has been developed in response to numerous complaints from businesses on Bank Street who have experienced significant disruption and distress due to excessive and repetitive noise. One business stated: ‘I love music but hearing the same drum beat for 2 to 3 hours gets really tiring and sometimes it’s just so loud we can’t even hear ourselves talking to customers unless we shout.’

Kate Cortez, Assistant BID Manager, says: ‘We consulted with all the nearby businesses as well as some of the regular buskers to make sure that the code reflects the needs of the town.’

She added: ‘Most buskers in Newquay behave responsibly and consider the businesses and members of the public around them but unfortunately a few spoil it for the others by playing too loudly, or for too long and really disturb shoppers and staff. We in no way wish to stop busking; we just want buskers to think about where they are and how they affect others.’

She continues: ‘Busking is an activity that comes under a Newquay town bylaw and can be stopped by the Police or Environmental Health if it disturbs others or is overly amplified but we want to start with a more friendly approach and hope that the buskers will embrace this and that there will be no need to take more formal action.’

The robust and attractive signs have been made and donated by Cornish Print as a contribution to the wellbeing of the town.

If anyone has any queries about the Code they can contact the BID team on 01637 498599. If concerns relate to licensing or environmental health then you should contact Cornwall Council.

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