2016-2021 Newquay BID reveals new projects and priorities for its 2nd term following major consultation

Download the final list of projects here

Image Credit: Newquay Voice

Image Credit: Newquay Voice

With three months to go until Newquay businesses make the crucial decision as to whether or not the vital support and delivery of the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) is continued, the BID board, steering group and team have decided the final projects for the 2nd term of the BID 2016-2021. The projects will be available online from Thursday 10th  September for two weeks for any final consultation and feedback.

There are now 7 BIDs in Cornwall and over 200 across the UK.  Falmouth and Truro BIDs were both voted back in with overwhelming support and majorities in the last year, allowing them to continue their ongoing investment and efforts to drive those town centres in their development and success.

A business improvement district is a not-for-profit, defined area of a town or city which consults on the required programme, support and action needed for that specific area and destination.  A levy is paid by members within the defined geographical business area and a BID team works to action the plans and activities, set out in an agreed business plan, based on the members’ stated requirements and needs.

Current Newquay BID Chairman, Rachel Craze, says, “When Newquay BID received the ‘yes’ vote in 2011, the town was all over the regional and national headlines for the wrong reasons.  Its regional reputation was poor, residents pride was in jeopardy and business morale was low along with sales and customers.  The recession and Cornwall cutbacks added to this and a number of Newquay businesses found that due to the fall in business and the reputational issues, lots of customers had stopped booking.  Our retailers, activity providers and hospitality establishments were facing deep challenges.”

Rachel continues, “Eve Wooldridge and the BID team brought a number of key businesses from all sectors around the table who all agreed that the resort was going through both a major self-confidence and an identity crisis and, to a large extent, been left on its own to sort out the issue.

“The investment into town from businesses via the BID enabled the new team to lead a collective, consultative process to create a new and all-encompassing brand, image and dedicated five year marketing strategy that would ensure the resort’s appeal was reinstated and that the town and its marketing were all put back on track.

Over the past five years, the BID has also established itself as an integral catalyst, a constant business and community support provider and a key driver for new businesses relocating in town.  The BID is also a vital body providing ongoing powerful local, regional and national advertising, media, digital communications, PR and marketing campaigning for Newquay.    These ongoing campaigns have driven this new image and key messages across the country and the BID has also invested significantly in, and supported, a raft of vital Newquay events and visitor-driven opportunities.

A further £67,000 of funding has been drawn down as a result of the BID’s efforts, a key investment that has gone into marketing, events and street environment projects for the town. The BID has also strongly supported, financially backed and helped ensure the continuation of major events like the Newquay Fish Festival and the Night Surf over those five years, as well as creating a raft of new events such as the Christmas reindeer and Lantern Parade (which this year brought 7,000 people to the streets), the Zombie Crawl and the Music and Ale Festival across the shoulder seasons.

Over the five years, following consultation with the BID, several new and exciting independent businesses have been set-up, both in the high street and throughout the town as key chefs, entrepreneurs and investors from across the country, and abroad, have begun to see Newquay as a unique lifestyle destination.   Blue chip chains such as Prezzo, Frankie & Benny’s and Wetherspoons have all significantly invested in key sites in the town and a host of housing developments are now underway as major hotels and hospitality establishments undergo refurbishments and re-development to keep in step with the evolution and the high standards that are being set by key businesses and the Newquay brand.

Eve Wooldridge, Newquay BID Manager, says: “The first tenure of the BID officially comes to a close on 31st March 2016 and businesses must vote in Nov-Dec if they want to continue having our vital ongoing resource providing these services, event and marketing initiatives. In February and March we ran 10 workshops for businesses, inviting all 430 to attend; over 25 business represented and provided their views and feedback.  The BID team has also visited and collected further information, ideas and requirements via 40 one-to-one meetings with businesses on their premises. From this we were able to build a picture of what businesses priorities are and the project and actions that they want within these priorities.

Eve continues, “In July over 430 consultation forms were sent to all of the Newquay BID businesses to define what they think Newquay requires over the next five years and over 150 replied. As a result, there are four key priority areas for the 2016-2021 BID which we have titled ‘Destination Newquay’, ‘A More Welcoming Newquay’, ‘A Cleaner Newquay’ and ‘Improving and Supporting Newquay Businesses’.

The consultation results show that, in general,  the businesses agree that Newquay still requires a lot of support and help to continue to improve and compete, as the business environment is constantly changing and lots of other resorts and destinations are driving forward with their own BIDs and marketing campaigns.  The majority feel that Newquay, therefore, needs to ‘keep at it’ to meet its potential.

Chairman of the Newquay BID, Rachel Craze of Newquay Fruit Sales, says, “As a business in Newquay I know the challenges we have all been through as a business community.  We have dealt with a number of those issues and we are now seeing a fantastic new wave of investment in the town.  However, as with anything, vital investment in this evolution must continue.   It’s been heartening to see so many of the BID member businesses responding and getting involved in setting the agenda for the next five years.”

Rachel continues, “We are not going to get any help from anywhere else, the business environment is still tough for many members, but we are on a positive evolution with the Newquay brand and with all of the events, initiatives and campaigns that the BID has created and implemented in the last five years.   Without the BID we won’t have any of these bespoke programmes and initiatives that absolutely deliver what our local businesses need and want for the future of our resort, so we all need to pull together and ensure that we can drive forward with a yes vote.

“I urge all business owners and leaders to review the business plan, and myself and the board members would be delighted to come and meet with anyone to discuss their thoughts and any queries they may have.”

Dan Trotter, Director of Lewinnick Lodge says, “None of us want to drag up the situation we found ourselves in five years ago, and none of us want to go back there! We’ve come a very long way since then and the BID has been at the forefront of that change, helping redefine what Newquay is, why it is an amazing lifestyle destination for people of all ages, and why it is a great town to live and work in.  The rebranding campaign and constant positive messaging via advertising, marketing and PR campaigns has helped drive the town to where it is now.  Here at the Lewinnick Lodge we have been really pleased to host numerous press trips alongside other great BID member businesses, and to have had print and digital media coverage in the likes of The Times, Coast and The Guardian.  We’ve also been part of the Newquay Loyalty Scheme and we’ve been featured in Seven magazine.  All of this helps drive the type of customers we all need and want and if there wasn’t a BID there would be no proactive promotion for the town.   You don’t get anything for nothing these days and I wholeheartedly support the new BID business plan and will certainly be registering my vote asap.”

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