KillacourtNewquay Business Improvement District has submitted an application for £10,000 of funding to help make Newquay’s plans for growth become a reality.  The application to the Coastal Town Team Fund, which was developed in partnership with other key local organisations including Newquay Regeneration Forum, Newquay Marine Network, the Seapool group, Newquay Town Council, Newquay Chamber of Commerce and Cornwall Council, is to access a funding pot that enables local towns to develop a plan to boost their local economy . If Newquay is successful the £10,000 will be used to carry out the surveys, design and feasibility studies needed to get key projects off the ground.

The priority projects for the Coastal Town Team are the sea pool, a fit trail, the harbour and the Killacourt. The projects have been put forward by local people and businesses and all are intended to encourage greater visitor numbers, longer visits  and time spent in the town centre.

Kate Cortez, Assistant BID Manager, said: ‘We are aware that there are plenty of plans and consultations that have been done in the past but as this funding can only be used for feasibility we thought it would be great if we could secure the £10,000 to help get these projects up and running.’

She added: ‘this is just one of many applications that we in the BID office have submitted since the BID started here in Newquay’.

One of the ambitions in the 5-year BID business plan was to bring in an additional £10,000 per year in match funding to boost the work of the BID. Most recently the BID secured £3000 worth of funding to develop the soon to be launched Newquay Loyalty Card App and £20,000 from Newquay Town Council towards the new signage project.

So far Newquay BID has secured £57,000 in additional funding for BID projects, which is £7000 above the target. Other funds secured include £10,000 from the Portas Pilot which was given to local businesses in shop front improvement grants; £4000 towards the cost of the footfall counter that measures visitor levels on Bank Street; and £2000 towards Christmas and summer events.

Eve Wooldridge, BID Manager explains: ‘It is important that the BID team continues to secure additional funding like this because it means that the money that Newquay businesses have invested into their town goes further and we can achieve a higher impact with our projects.’

She added: ‘ we are always on the lookout for possible funding opportunities for the BID to apply for and for businesses themselves. We often send out news updates via our Buzz e-newsletter to BID members with details of new grants but if any BID members want to find out more then please ask.

Contact: BID Manager, Eve Wooldridge at

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