Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 16.53.22Numerous Newquay businesses have contributed to the creation of a beautiful, new short digital film that can now be used to promote the town globally. Commissioned, co-ordinated and managed by the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID), the upbeat, three minute long video highlights the plethora of relaxing, exploration, invigorating and thrill-seeking activities on offer in Newquay as well as featuring some of the fantastic local cuisine that entrepreneurs are creating in the Cornish resort.  Incorporating hashtags such as ‘Escape, plan, explore and dream’, the video portrays Newquay as the laid back, surf-chic destination that it has become so renowned for in recent years.

As part of Newquay BID’s ongoing marketing and communications delivery strand, the film has cost a total of £5,000 to produce which equates to £11.36 per BID member and can now be used as a marketing tool that local businesses can push out across their digital platforms. Created by Cornwall-based Dogbite Creative Production Studio, content for the piece was led by a steering group made up of BID business members and the BID team has ensured that the final film encompasses a wide variety of businesses, including fun activity providers such as Newquay Zoo, the Blue Reef Aquarium, Pirates Quest and Heron Tennis Centre, as well as local eateries and of course, lots of news of Newquay’s staggering setting and scenery. Download and view the film here.

Karen Hoyle, BID Director says: “The Newquay BID promotional film has been purposefully designed to target four demographics in the tourism market to pull visitors into Newquay. By allowing people to see themselves in the film as either a person who explores, plans, escapes or dreams, they will be more motivated and inspired by the content to act and come to Newquay. The film is just the beginning of a more targeted digital marketing approach that will be given as a resource for businesses in the town to own and use themselves in their own business promotion.”

Karen continues: “We’re keen to see businesses adding the film to websites and social media and the challenge is to see how far this film can reach and drive sales and interest into the town. This was a major project undertaken by the Newquay BID on behalf of the town and an individual business could not have afforded to do this alone. The film has also been designed to easily go international, building on the growth of foreign visitors to Newquay this season.”

Terry Askey, Founder of Heron Tennis Centre says, “We are so excited about the film that Newquay BID has produced as a marketing tool for Newquay businesses to use. It’s creative and fun with great visuals but most importantly it showcases Newquay and all that we have to offer for visitors and residents. It’s easy to take for granted all that we have on our doorstep but this reminds me why we love Newquay and choose to do business here. Newquay BID has recognised and included all the leisure activities and we are so pleased to be a part of something excellent. We will certainly be using this as part of our marketing for the Tennis Centre”

Eve Wooldridge, Newquay BID Manager says: “We are really excited about this film. It is the first time we have done anything of this kind in the town and we think it will really drive an interest in Newquay. We will also be looking to create some more fun and effective hashtags across social media channels to create platforms for businesses to engage with. Businesses who have signed up to some of our digital marketing seminars during Newquay Business Week will be all set to make the most of this valuable resource and we’re delighted to talk to any businesses about how they can use this to promote their own establishments or propositions. The digital landscape is so vital now and if we are voted back in after the reballot, we have a clear set of plans for investment in, and delivery of further invaluable digital tools for BID members and the resort overall.”

Over the past five years, the BID has established itself as an integral catalyst, a constant business and community support provider and a key driver for new businesses relocating to the town. With three months to go until Newquay businesses make the crucial decision as to whether or not the vital support and delivery of the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) is continued, the BID board, steering group and team have revealed more detail on the final projects for the 2nd term of the BID 2016-2021. These are now available for the next week for any final consultation and feedback at:

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