1. Business Week Poster (no listings)Your business will have 50% less chance of surviving if you don’t know who your customer is – Ernie Capbert from Who Buys Your Stuff gets you thinking about who you are selling to and why they buy; how you can get better at it and the impact if you get it wrong.
  2. We are going to space – Miles Carden from the Aerohub and Al Titterington from Newquay Airport reveal the plans afoot that could take Newquay stratospheric.
  3. Googling may not be the future – digital media and online marketing are key to almost any businesses now, Rob Edlin from Niddocks and Nigel Barker from MPAD, told us that change is always coming and give some tips on how to get up to speed and harness the power of the internet.
  4. Don’t waste your money – whether its dog friendly accommodation; organic food or locally made gifts, target your online marketing to what makes you special. Simon Tregoning’s presentation gives an overview of the tools available for online marketing and what you should be doing to get the most from your investment.
  5. How to get German’s into your business – understanding the foreign visitor and how to get them to come to you. Using translation effectively and meeting the expectations of the traveller. The presentation from Anya Jones from Anya Jones Translation will broaden your horizons.
  6. The average score on TripAdvisor is 4.1 stars – it is not as negative as you think but you need to manage your TripAdvisor page. You may even have a page that you don’t know about! To find out more about Tripadvisor see Pam Foden from Visit England’s presentation.
  7. There is £600 million of new European funding coming to Cornwall and businesses in Newquay will be able to benefit from this. Find out more by reading Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s presentation and register with the Local Enterprise Partnership to get in the loop: http://www.cioslep.com/funding-streams/funding-overview.
  8. 78% of businesses are under-insured – you and your business could be at risk. Find out more from Matt Frith of PSP Insurance and Financial Services about how to ensure you are prepared for the worst.
  9. Protecting what you create can maximise your competitive position in your chosen market place – Sonya Basset, Coodes Solicitors, was on hand at Business Week to talk about why intellectual property is so important to business, especially those in design.
  10. You can get money and advice to target overseas markets – Rob Thompson from UKTI gives you an introduction to the support available to businesses looking to grow their market. Help includes reviewing your website for foreign visitors; identifying business partners and a beginner’s guide to exporting.


Access many of the presentations here.  Newquay Business Week 2016 is included in the new Business Plan.