Business Plan Front CoverBusinesses in Newquay are being given a chance to cast their votes on whether they want Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) to continue into a second term. The ballot papers have been sent out to BID members (this week) and recipients have until 5pm on Thursday December 10th to return their paper.

Colin Paul, Owner of Pauline’s Ltd says, “The thought of there being no BID concerns me as there is so much to lose. It does such a fantastic job of driving footfall through organising and carrying out events; being a lobbying voice for businesses and much, much more. What some people don’t realise is that, without the BID, we won’t get this kind of investment from anywhere else; Cornwall Council will only deliver the legal minimum to our community.’

Five years ago, when the BID was voted in, there was no overarching image for Newquay. Its regional reputation was poor, residents’ pride was in jeopardy and business morale was low along with sales and customers. However, the BID has done a fantastic job of completely turning that around, creating and implementing a revolution of the brand, ensuring the resort’s appeal was reinstated and that the town and its marketing were all put back on track.

If businesses choose to vote ‘No’, the town will lose a major resource in the form of the BID and most of what delivers will cease to exist. For example, the BID events for the resort will no longer run, including the hugely popular Festive Festival, Zombie Crawl and Newquay Summer Festival. There will no longer be a body to proactively arrange press trips, which generate positive and perception changing coverage nationwide.  The BID-produced and distributed publication, ‘Seven’ magazine which is currently a great platform for promoting local businesses, their offerings and services will also no longer be in existence.

Other substantial losses that will be incurred include the erection of bunting and banners across the town, as well as a 50% decrease in hanging baskets, all of which dramatically improve the aesthetic of the town. In addition to this, there will be no significant investment into marketing strategy, no local loyalty card, no direct B2B marketing strategy or income from Cornwall Council via levy due in premises within the BID area. There will also be a loss of investment and match funding opportunities and a limited lobbying voice for the businesses in the town.

If Newquay BID was to be re-elected for a second term, it will cost two thirds of BID members less than £250 per year and 82% of businesses will pay less than £10 per week. All businesses would pay less in 2016 than they did in 2015 as the BID levy will be dropped back to 1% of the rateable value of the hereditament.

Colin continues, “Let’s face it; we aren’t going to get £150,000 a year to put back into Newquay without the BID. We need the BID to continue to help drive the type of customers we all need and want and if there wasn’t a BID there would be no proactive promotion for or within the town. I am a strong supporter of the BID and will certainly be registering my vote ASAP with the hope of continuing this positive evolution and would urge other BID members to do likewise.”

A further £67,000 of funding has also been secured for Newquay by the BID, a key investment that has gone into marketing, events and street environment projects for the town. The BID has also strongly supported, financially backed and helped ensure the continuation of major events like the Newquay Fish Festival and the Night Surf over those five years, as well as creating a raft of new events such as the Newquay Business Week, the Christmas reindeer and Lantern Parade (which this year brought 7,000 people to the streets), the Zombie Crawl and the Music and Ale Festival across the shoulder seasons.

Over the five years, following consultation with the BID, several new and exciting independent businesses have been set-up, both in the high street and throughout the town as key chefs, entrepreneurs and investors from across the country, and abroad, have begun to see Newquay as a unique lifestyle destination. Blue chip chains such as Prezzo, Frankie & Benny’s and Wetherspoons have all significantly invested in key sites in the town and a host of housing developments are now underway as major hotels and hospitality establishments undergo refurbishments and re-development to keep in step with the evolution and the high standards that are being set by key businesses and the Newquay brand.

For more information on the ongoing work that Newquay BID has done during its existence, please see the website at:

Business Plan Front CoverIf businesses happen to misplace their ballot papers or had them stolen or do not receive them for any reason, they can contact the BID team on 01637 498599 or email Alice Beard on and a member of the team will be delighted to drop you a copy.