Seagull PosterNewquay Business Improvement District (BID) has launched a pilot project in an aim to educate visitors and residents about the negative effects of feeding seagulls.

A series of signs that will be erected in high visibility areas and key spots such as the Killacourt and near the Fore Street car park benches. The BID will also be providing posters to distribute to food outlets and Hotels so that they are able to share the information with their customers and guests.

When gulls are fed regularly it creates an artificially high populations; encourages further breeding pairs to take up residence in the area and changes their behaviour so they scavenge for food in the town. Visitors must be strongly advised not to feed the seagulls as this will not only increase the seagull population but will also cause unnecessary annoyance to other residents and visitors to the town as they seek food in the town rather than at sea.

Colin Paul, owner of Pauline’s Café in the centre of town has had many problems with seagulls directly outside of his business, “The number of incidents of stolen food involving seagulls outside of my business has risen considerably since last summer and the problem needs to be tackled. Educating visitors to Newquay is essential to help address the situation. Newquay’s Tourist Information Centre is now recording any seagull attacks that take place in Newquay so personally, as a business, I am ensuring that all visitors who have had food taken by seagulls are aware of this and urge other businesses to do the same.”

BID Manager Eve Wooldridge said: “Residents and businesses in Newquay are already aware just as we are that seagulls are an ongoing problem, not just in Newquay but in seaside resorts all over Cornwall. Here at the BID we’ve taken a proactive stance to try and discourage the feeding of seagulls and research has shown that education is the first step towards this.”

Rachel Craze, director of Newquay Fruit Sales and Chair of the Newquay BID Board adds: “We are aware that this is not within the BID remit but as a board we feel that it is important to respond to business needs and clearly this is an issue which is affecting a number of businesses within the town.”

If you would like a copy of the poster sent to you to display on your businesses website or would like the poster sent to you then please email the Newquay BID at or call 01637 498599. If you would like to report an incident involving a seagull then please call Newquay Tourist Information Centre on 01637 854020. Download the poster here.