We will create Destination Newquay, targeting new customers whilst retaining our local and loyal following. We will reinforce investment opportunities available in Newquay and demonstrate that it is a place to do business by delivering the following projects:

1. Five year marketing strategy

Creating a digital strategy and regional PR plan for targeting new visitors to the town. We will develop new content and online content such as e-magazines and promotional films. We will also continue our dedicated PR strategy that includes national press trips to promote Newquay and its businesses.

2. Social media & blogs

The BID will create a blog to sit alongside ‘Love Newquay’ social media using relevant content to be used by businesses as part of their digital marketing strategies.  Blogging and social media are some of the most valuable tools that we have to engage with our customers, we will be creating easy to use platforms that businesses can interact with to share their information, via direct marketing channels.

3. High quality promotional literature

We will create printed media including Seven magazine, the food & drink guide and seasonal events guides. All publications will be available as e-magazines for you to share with your customers via your digital media. Through these we will promote our eclectic high-street, showcasing our retail mix and highlighting why visitors should come to Newquay.

4. International marketing

We will target the expanding international markets through bespoke press trips, translation of promotional literature and where possible assisting businesses to translate in house marketing materials.

5. A place to do business

We want to fly the flag for Newquay as a place to do business. Newquay Business Week will be an annual event that will provide businesses with access to resources and information that is current to the business climate. The next Newquay Business Week will be on 10th October 2016.

6. Working with tour operators to attract coach visitors

Working closely with the tour operators we will ensure that Newquay has a presence in the printed and digital coach publications and that we are considered when operators are planning their itineraries for Cornwall as both a stay and visit location.

7. Retaining loyal and local customers

Develop the Newquay loyalty App, moving away from the loyalty card allowing businesses to share offers/discounts and vouchers, to both existing and new customer databases. Using social media we will drive all customers to your digital media, essential to encouraging Newquay residents and the catchment area to shop locally and choose Newquay as a day visit destination.