South West in BloomNewquay had yet another chance to shine this week as the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) team and members were nominated for one of the first South West in Bloom BID awards following lots of productive joint working with the local Newquay in Bloom team.

Town centres across the country are having to consider how they keep up the creation and maintenance of local gardens and floral decorations which are widely recognised as items that keep urban centres looking as appealing as possible.  In the last three years Newquay BID has contributed  over £10,000to the Newquay in Bloom scheme which has meant that the local Bloom team have been able to continue their good work planting and maintaining pictorial gardens, flower borders and hanging baskets right across Newquay town centre.

The BID and and Newquay in Bloom teams jointly welcomed the judge, Giles Horne, from South West in Bloom on Friday 8th August, giving him a tour of the town to highlight some of the key achievements of the BID. These included the colourful, branded and informative NQY banners, the successful loyalty card scheme and an overview of the many BID created and supported events including the Festive Festival, the Newquay Fish Festival, the Night Surf, the Music & Ale Festival and Zombie Crawl.

Newquay BID has also brought more than £10,000 of additional funding directly into the town centre with the granting of the government funding via the BID’s Mary Portas application.  As a result, the South West in Bloom judge viewed properties such as Café Irie who have received these grants and he also spoke to the owner Jon Evision to get his impressions on the vital work being done by the BID team. Further local business owners including Nicky Phillips from Weird Fish, Sarah Walsh from Disco Beads, Curtis Prince from The Lighthouse Cinema and Gareth Horner from E Rawle and Co Fish Shop who have all supported the on-going improvements in the town were keen to put forward their views on why this work is so vital for the continuing evolution and success of Newquay town centre.
Kate Cortez, Newquay BID Manager, said: “This is a special award as it considers everything BID does, not just its part in the floral displays in the town.   The BID has been hard at work over the past three years and the physical and aesthetic appeal, cleanliness and on- going shop front improvement forms a key impression for all visitors to the town centre; be they locals or holidaymakers.  Newquay in Bloom has worked incredibly hard to keep the beautiful hanging baskets firmly maintained across ton and we have invested together in the creation and care of pictorial gardens and various other pieces of work.   Being nominated for this key BID Bloom award recognises the efforts of the many people and business in the Newquay community as well as the BID and the Newquay in Bloom team.”

Mavis Warman, from Newquay in Bloom, who nominated the BID added: “The investment by the BID has meant that we can keep up standards in the town as budgets from elsewhere are no longer available. People just don’t realise what a difference things like hanging baskets and beautiful planting makes until it’s all gone.  We were in a serious situation when it looked like all of our funding had dried up so the BID stepping in has made all the difference and has meant that we can all continue to work together with the shops and businesses in town to keep the area looking appealing and clean and so that it is an areas that visitors and residents can all enjoy.”

Andy Cole, Vice Chair of Newquay BID said: “We have our fingers crossed for the outcome; it was a very positive visit and we have so much to be proud of here in Newquay.  The BID is very much about working in partnership with other like-minded and determined individuals, organisations and companies in the town and these projects with Newquay in Bloom are certainly bearing success for all and showing how the BID plays an integral way in our business community in so many ways.”

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