storm picNational and local government has announced a series of grants and funds in the wake of the flood damage that the region has suffered over the last few months. Below is more information on the grants available and the application processes. Please be aware funds are limited and there are deadlines and eligibility criteria so we urge you to look into this matter quickly to see if your business is eligible.

1.       Repair and Renew

David Cameron has announced a new grant for values up to £5000 to cover repairs that are not covered by insurance that will help improve a property’s ability to withstand future flooding.

For more information on this grant please visit the Government Website.


2.       Business Support Scheme

The Government has announced a new Business Support Scheme for small and medium sized business premises, physically affected by coastal and inland flooding. Eligible businesses will be able to claim for costs initially up to £2500 which could include: immediate clean-up costs and repair, replacement of stock or equipment, additional staff costs, structural surveys and non-recoverable insurance excesses.

Application forms to apply for a grant from the Business Support Scheme are available now from the Government Website.

3.       Business Rate Relief

Businesses affected by the severe weather, between 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014, are able to apply to Cornwall Council for a 100% business rate relief for three months.

To qualify properties need to meet the following criteria…

  • Flooding must have occurred between 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014. You can only make one claim per property affected.
  • The property has been flooded in whole or in part as a result of adverse weather conditions.
  • On the day of the flooding the property was occupied and subject to occupied business rates
  • As a result of the flooding the business activity undertaken at the property was adversely affected.
  • The rateable value of the property on the day of the flooding was less than £10 million.

To apply ring 0300 1234 171, email or write to Shared Services (Income), PO Box 676, Threemilestone, TR4 9LD

For more information please download the reference document here.

 In addition, NatWest bank have also been in touch with us and asked us to tell you all about their flood support schemes, for more information please follow the link or contact your local branch.