Newquay BID has appointed a new Chair to take the company into its 2nd five year term. Lead by Rachel Craze, the BID was successful in its renewal ballot in December gaining a 67% yes vote to continue its work for another 5 years.

Jonathan Start, a Partner at Start & Co was appointed as Chairman at the January board meeting after being on the Newquay BID Board of Directors since June 2013. Jonathan has been with Start & Co since 1995, and he brings to the position a wealth of knowledge and business contacts to the position. Living in Newquay he is passionate about change and having seen the success of the BID over the last 5 years, is driven to continue that momentum.

Jonathan says “I am delighted to be appointed as the Chair of Newquay BID, I joined the Board of Directors as I wanted to find out more about the BID and have very much enjoyed being part of the journey over the 1st term. The new 2nd term brings fantastic opportunities for Newquay with investment of approx. £750,000 over the next five years to deliver projects in four key priority areas. As the Board we are committed to driving the projects forward to have positive impact on the town in which we live and work.”

Rachel Craze Says “It’s been a privilege to be the Chair of Newquay BID for the last 3 years and I am over the moon that the BID has secured another 5 years, I am stepping down as I it’s a good time to let someone else take the lead and ensure the success of Newquay for the future. I will be remaining the Board of Directors and hope to be voted back in again in June”.

The BID board is made up of 15 directors from the BID levy payers, local authority, Chamber of Commerce, the voluntary contributions sector and another body not included in any of the above but with an interest in securing the objectives of the BID proposals. In line with the new term the Board of Directors want to recruit new members to bring the number of directors up to the full 15 to ensure that there is a fair representation across the town centre and by sector. If you are interested in becoming a director of Newquay BID or for more information on the role of the Board of Directors, please contact or telephone 01637 498599