Summer_searle-8215Twelve local business people have taken their seats on the Newquay Business Improvement District’s (BID) Board of Directors following the successful AGM that was held last Wednesday 20th May.

As with normal BID systems, a complete re-election must be held every two years. This year there were 8 spaces available to businesses in category B (BID Members) and two in Category C (Voluntary BID Members). As the number of nominees did not exceed the number of spaces available there was no need to vote.

Jenny Craven, Peter Butterly and Darryl Reburn began their directorship last year so will remain on the board for the next 12 months. New Board members include: Jenny Briant, Jon Grant and Craig Burnett. A number of members were also re-appointed including Rachel Craze, Andy Cole, Stephen Hawkey and Jonathan Start. Karen Hoyle was newly elected as a voluntary member and Sara Black remained on the board as a category D director.

Most BIDs follow the same management formula; board members are made up from BID levy payers (Category B), the Town Council and Chamber of Commerce (COC) (Category A), voluntary members (Category C), and another body not included in any of the above but with an interest in securing the objectives of the BID proposals (Category D). The representative appointed for the Newquay Town Council was Andy Hannan and the Newquay COC representative will be appointed at the COC AGM on June 10th.

Newly appointed Karen Hoyle (Deputy Programme Director and Marketing Specialist for the European Growth Programme GetSet for Growth) said: “I was keen to join the board at Newquay BID to bring my expertise of working with businesses in Cornwall and developing growth plans and business communities. Newquay is not just my home town, it is also where I have seen some of the most innovative and growing businesses over the last 18 months and I can only see great potential in that for Newquay to grow its future. By getting the business basics right we can really push the ‘business’ element of the BID project forward, maximising on the good work already achieved, but taking it to a new more connected and entrepreneurial level.”

The Board of Directors is a driving force for the BID, and provides crucial management support to the not-for-profit organisation. The Board is charged with helping the BID Manager continue to build on the work that the BID has carried out over the last two years, which includes a major positive shift in public perceptions.

BID Manager Eve Wooldridge said: “The new and existing directors represents a good mix of accommodation, retail, hospitality, nightlife and professional services, and this mix is crucial to the success of a BID in a town centre.

“There are of course still many opportunities for local businesses to be involved in the BID, as we have forums whose input gets fed into the board meetings and influences decisions taken by the  Board of Directors. The BID feels very strongly that all decisions must as far as possible take into account the needs of the local business community.”

For more information on Newquay BID or the role of the Board of Directors, please contact or telephone 01637 49859.

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