With the vital reballot drawing closer, local businesses have been considering Newquay Business Improvement District (BID)’s priority areas going forward for the 2016-2021 period. These include a destination marketing element and a push to expand on its efforts to create a more vibrant town through the further organisation of a host of sustainable community events.

The BID plans to develop the ongoing momentum and perception changing work it has already done in recent years, continuing to brand Newquay as a top lifestyle, surf-chic, family-orientated destination. This will be achieved through the creation and implementation of a solid five year marketing strategy, including the continuation of its PR work. This includes enticing journalists from target national, international and glossy regional publications to Newquay for press trips and garnering positive coverage that features the town’s ‘hidden gems’, top experiences and businesses. The BID also intends to continue its creation of informative and promotional literature, including the Food & Drink Guide, Seven Magazine and the Events Guide, all of which have received extremely positive feedback from both consumers and local business members.

Newquay BID will also be driving the destination forward across the major digital landscape. The Newquay BID created and run ‘Love Newquay’ Facebook page, which already has in excess of 10 thousand likes will see the formation of a blog to sit alongside it. This will essentially be a platform for BID businesses to utilise in order to promote their establishments or propositions and to create ongoing engagement directly with key consumers. The existing Newquay BID app will also be developed to ensure that users are directed to the sites of the businesses and will be used to communicate offers/discounts and vouchers already available to both existing and new customer databases. Other new content will be developed online such as e-magazines and more short films similar to the recent promotional marketing film that was commissioned and co-ordinated by the BID.

Founder of Pasty Presto, Steve Grocutt says, “The literature that Newquay BID creates is great promotional marketing material and does a really good job of highlighting the amazing places that visitors and locals can experience here in Newquay. We were recently really pleased to feature in the Food & Drink Guide and have also proudly featured in Seven Magazine, both of which are fantastic platforms for businesses to utilise. We think the creation and development of e-magazines and more promotional films can only be of huge benefit to the town going forward.”

Going forward, the BID will also work closely with coach tour operators to attract their visitors to Newquay and to also give them a reason to stay within the town, as opposed to venturing to other popular external destinations. Focusing on the tour operators’ needs and interests, the BID will deliver bespoke itineraries ensuring that businesses benefit from additional room nights and day visitors from coach trips staying in Newquay.  It will also continue to lobby for additional coach spaces that can be used by visiting day coaches for bigger events removing barriers to growth.

The period since the BID’s formation has seen several new and exciting independent businesses being set-up, both in the high street and throughout the town as key chefs, entrepreneurs and investors from across the country, and abroad have begun to see Newquay as a unique lifestyle destination and a place to do business. The BID will build on this success during its proposed second term ensuring to encourage investment in the town.

Events are an absolutely crucial footfall driver for businesses within the Newquay area. To harness this power and maximise potential a new BID Events Committee will be set up to manage this process, which will be made up of non-paid directors and BID members. The BID will also continue to provide invaluable sponsorship and on-the-ground support of numerous Newquay-based events, many of which it has supported during its existence that may not have survived otherwise. These include the Fish Festival, the Christmas Festival, Newquay Carnival, The Music & Ale Festival, the Zombie Crawl, the Night Surf, outdoor cinema screenings and many more.

Eleanor Dixon, Manager of North Shore says, “Events, particularly out of season, are essential for Newquay to give visitors a reason to want to come. The Music and Ale festival is growing in success and we are certainly noticing the difference in customer numbers for that weekend. Without the BID, Newquay wouldn’t have this festival and this would be great loss for the businesses. We love the festivals not only as businesses but also as residents of Newquay – they are full of community spirit and have a feel good factor that’s good for the pride of the town”

By working with community groups and event organisers, Newquay BID will assist the development of new events that will become sustainable over a three year period. The BID will also continue to invest in smaller events and provide support to businesses that wish to set up event marketing and event programmes. The infrared footfall counter that is installed on Bank Street will remain in place for a further 5 years, making Newquay the only town in the south west to be able to monitor footfall 24 hours a day. The reports will be available weekly to all BID members.

Prior to the Newquay BID reballot, which will take place in December of this year, the BID has issued/released/created a new business plan for the 2016-2021 period. Within the business plan, Newquay BID highlights its vision and objectives, draft projects, priority areas, as well as key statistics and information. This can be viewed here: www.newquaybid.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Newquay-BID-Final-Draft-Projects-List-for-BID-2016-2021.pdf

For more information on the ongoing work that Newquay BID has done during its existence, please see the website at: https://www.newquaybid.co.uk/

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