Summer_searle-8215With the vital reballot drawing closer, local businesses have been considering Newquay Business Improvement District (BID)’s priority areas going forward for the 2016-2021 period. Following input on ‘Priorities 1 & 2’ which are “Destination Newquay”, major ongoing marketing and promotion across a plethora of platforms and channels and “Creating a More Vibrant Newquay”, via a packed calender of year-round events, ‘Priorities 3 & 4’ focus on creating a more welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing town centre, and also the development and ongoing implementation of a BID strategy to directly help Newquay businesses improve with necessary support, training and new initiatives.

The BID plans have all been based on the feedback received from BID members earlier this year following an extensive open consultation process.  Over 80% of businesses that took part in these recent consultations referred to the town centre’s appearance and the need for continual work. They also said that it was either important or essential to include hanging baskets, flower beds, bunting and banners into the business plans.

Working with new and existing partners, for Priority 3, the BID will help to create ‘A More Welcoming Newquay” with a brighter town centre by delivering high impact, low cost visual projects to complement the existing achievements. The BID will therefore seek out new opportunities and ways of working to increase the visual appeal of the town centre. This will include additional planting schemes, options for vacant units and disused buildings as well as aesthetic plans around the town’s transport gateways.

Director of the Hotel Bristol, Stuart Young, says, “We are very pleased to see that the BID has recognised the importance of creating a cleaner town. Cornwall Council has reduced resources over the last few years and this has had an impact on the cleanliness and visual welcome of Newquay. We don’t believe that the BID should be providing these services but we do think that it is an excellent lobbying voice for businesses and does a great job of investigating options to address the problems and by continuing to find solutions it will have a hugely positive impact for Newquay.”

Priority 4 will see the BID “Improving and Supporting Business” through their own development in Newquay and beyond.  This will involve an annual schedule of training courses and seminars for businesses and their employees which could include topics such as retail, sales training, visual merchandising, social media and marketing. The BID will also seek additional grant funding to deliver these activities on behalf of its members.

The BID will set-up and host forums and networking activities aimed at promoting non-tourism related businesses, creating new platforms that enable them to engage in more business-to-business trade. The BID will also focus on promoting these businesses across the country, seek collective buying opportunities, support businesses with PR opportunities and provide community links, as well as providing general ongoing lobbying and representation for the town.

The BID team will also continue to investigate opportunities for additional grants and funding for projects, members and community groups, using its expertise and resources to assist with the application process where possible. In addition, members of the BID will have the opportunity to be part of a coordinated approach to voice their views, raise concerns and make recommendations on issues that affect the trading environment such as transport, infrastructure and accessibility.

94% of responding businesses said that it was important that the BID should be a strong voice to represent the business community working with the Chamber of Commerce, retail forum and other groups to influence policy and decisions.

Ingrid Camps, Office Manager of PSP Insurance & Financial Services, says, “The BID is a lobbying voice for Newquay and it’s essential that we support the BID to retain this voice especially in the light of the changes to the collection of business rates at central government. With 440 voices behind it, the BID is leading the way in securing funding and services for Newquay from the County. During this term the BID has achieved in excess of £65,000 in additional funding.  Without the BID, we wouldn’t have had this additional income to spend in Newquay on projects to improve Newquay and its businesses environment.”

Prior to the Newquay BID reballot, which will take place in December of this year, the BID has created a new business plan for the 2016-2021 period. Within this, Newquay BID highlights its vision and objectives, draft projects, priority areas, as well as key statistics and information. This can be viewed here:

For more information on the ongoing work that Newquay BID has done during its existence, please see the website at:

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