newquay_brand-0809Following the announcement of the Newquay BID reballot, which will take place in December of this year, and the list of the draft projects for the 2016-2021 period, a number of key Newquay businesses have started to reflect on what the initial BID has delivered for their business and the resort in general.

Over the past five years, the BID has established itself as an integral catalyst, a constant business and community support provider and a key driver for new businesses relocating to the town.  The BID is also a vital body providing ongoing powerful local, regional and national advertising, media, digital communications, PR and marketing campaigns for Newquay.

Dan Trotter, Director of Lewinnick Lodge says, “None of us want to drag up the situation we found ourselves in five years ago, and none of us want to go back there! We’ve come a very long way since then and the BID has been at the forefront of that change, helping redefine what Newquay is, why it is an amazing lifestyle destination for people of all ages, and why it is a great town to live and work in.”

Almost as soon as the Newquay BID team was in place they undertook a branding consultation, working with the award-winning Cornish-based graphic design consultancy Absolute and Newquay-based Excess Energy Communications.  The new brand was swiftly utilised for a UK nationwide marketing campaign which included an extensive advertising campaign across the London Underground for two consecutive years. 20 large posters were present in key Underground locations enticing commuters to Newquay throughout the high-traffic period of the 2012 Olympics and 2013. These, as well as subsequent campaigns on First Great Western, Western Greyhound, Exeter Services and Newquay Airport have provided a major presence for Newquay to an affluent audience, whilst also driving commentary on social media platforms.

Through Newquay-based PR specialists Excess Energy Communications, over the past 4.5 years, a succession of key UK journalists have been invited to Newquay which has resulted in almost £300,000 of equivalent advertising value and the communication of a host of highly positive, perception changing key messages, and profile for almost 100 BID members in key target national and regional newspapers as well as online platforms.

These press trips have showcased hotel, surf lodges, self-catering and B&B stays in Newquay and supported a plethora of local establishments, spas, activities and attractions, providing them with a PR presence they are unlikely to have had otherwise.

The BID has also supported the high street through garnering coverage in printed and digital publications that have been distributed within the Newquay catchment area. Seven magazine has been extremely popular and has featured over 220 of Newquay’s local businesses across its seven issues. The food and drink guide is a sell out and the BID is on the fourth edition of this handbag sized guide to eateries which boasts over 150 places to eat in Newquay. Securing the support for the high-street was the loyalty card that has promoted offers for over 76 businesses on a monthly basis via digital and the local media.

Dan Trotter says, “The Newquay BID rebranding campaign was sorely needed and constant positive messaging via advertising, marketing and PR campaigns has helped drive the town to where it is now.  Here at the Lewinnick Lodge we have been really pleased to host numerous press trips alongside other great BID member businesses, and to have had print and digital media coverage in the likes of The Times, Coast and The Guardian.  We’ve also been part of the Newquay Loyalty Scheme and we’ve been featured in Seven magazine.  All of this helps drive the type of customers we all need and want and if there wasn’t a BID there would be no proactive promotion for the town. You don’t get something for nothing these days and I wholeheartedly support the new BID business plan and will certainly be registering my vote asap.”

Mavis Warman, Chairman of the Newquay in Bloom Partnership says, “Over the last four years, we have delivered numerous horticultural projects with Newquay BID that have really helped us to maintain our In-Bloom status of GOLD in South West in Bloom and winners of The St. Bridget Cup 2014 for Newquay. The BID has also achieved silver status in the Business Improvement District category of South West in Bloom 2014 which was a great achievement and one we hope will be improved on in 2015. We look forward to enhancing more prime site areas in Newquay.”

Since 2011, Newquay BID has also significantly enhanced events and developed new event platforms that have already hugely benefitted the town.  Key financial sponsorships and critical support has been provided to amongst others, the Newquay Night Surf and the Newquay Fish Festival.

Dave Reed of UKPSA, says, “The surf industry and most surf brands have been going through a very deep recessional curve and we were in serious trouble at one point with thoughts that we may not be able to run the Night Surf.  However, Newquay BID provided a lifeline with a key title sponsorship which then encouraged other businesses to invest when the event was a certainty.  Events and contests like this bring thousands of visitors to the beaches and without Newquay BID we may not have the Night Surf on our event calendar any more.”

Andy Cole of Andy’s Café is a committee member and trustee of the Newquay Fish Festival.  He says, “We have just finished our biggest year yet at the Newquay Fish Festival with thousands of people flocking into the harbour over the course of the weekend.  However, creating and running an event like this takes substantial amounts of funding, costing almost £30,000, despite all of our voluntary labour and time.  Since the inception of Newquay BID, their financial input, as well as their commitment of PR time to bring local, regional and national media coverage has taken the event from strength to strength.  We all stand to lose these benefits, and this momentum, if the BID isn’t voted back in in December of this year.”

With three months to go until Newquay businesses make the crucial decision as to whether or not the vital support and delivery of the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) is continued, the BID board, steering group and team have revealed more detail on the final projects for the 2nd term of the BID 2016-2021. These are now available for the next week for any final consultation and feedback at

For more information on the ongoing work that Newquay BID has done during its existence, please see the website at: