Working in collaboration with Newquay Town Council, Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) is now further extending its warm welcome to visitors with the installation of additional signs designed to showcase the town’s beaches, shops, businesses and landmarks.

The signs that are currently being erected as part of the extensive programme, include a set of directional ‘totem poles’ and the Town Council’s notice and event boards. Having already installed 31 new signs throughout the town, these new navigational signposts will not only highlight important information about key facilities and attractions, including toilets, but will also provide tips for exploring Newquay’s coastline and surroundings as well as promoting nearby businesses.

Led by the Newquay Business Improvement District (BID), and with the support of Newquay Town Council and Newquay Regeneration Forum, this flagship project has developed a town-wide network of new signposts, information displays and notice boards.  These will now enhance the tourist and resident experience of Newquay, promote further retail interest, drive footfall and increase the ease of exploration of the town.

Once these final stages of the signage project are completed, the BID will have achieved the delivery of a project and a signage system that is much more extensive than the original Newquay BID business plan of 2011. An additional £20,000 has also been invested by the Town Council to massively increase the scope of the project to beyond the main streets of the town centre.

Local company, 20/20 Projects, was appointed to deliver this project and its initial research study discovered that a number of visitors have struggled to navigate around the town by both foot and vehicle. What this project does is let visitors know when they arrive into Newquay either by car, rail or foot; where they are, what area they can explore next and where the nearest beach is. The distances are calculated by walking times, using the industry standard method, as research shows this is how people gauge where they will visit once at a destination.

In addition to this, many people visiting the town were unaware of the distance or route from the high street to prime locations such as Trenance Gardens and the Pentire Headland, both iconic places in Newquay. The BID has also taken the decision to take the project to the next level by adding individual business listings to every piece of signage in the key town centre streets. This will further support the retail offering of the town centre and encourage visitors and residents to explore it.

Eve Wooldridge, Newquay BID Manager says: “We are delighted that these key signs are now going up in addition to the other ones that were erected earlier this year. The signs themselves are really attractive and eye catching and we’ve been receiving great feedback on that. We really feel we’ve delivered on making sure that they are visually prominent whilst keeping in line with the cool, coastal BID brand that we’ve created.”

Eve added: “We held eight consultation events earlier this year to obtain feedback from businesses and locals and we ensured that the proposed signage was widely circulated across local papers, social media and directly emailed to all BID members. It was so important to us to allow these people the opportunity to contribute to this crucial development and to ensure that the views of those who took the time to feed back are represented.”

The BID also wanted the new signs to tell visitors a bit about Newquay, its history, culture and people. During a series of pre-decision consultations held in 2014, local residents and businesses were encouraged to share their stories, memories and experiences of Newquay. The new signs will therefore showcase some of these nostalgic and interesting facts and features.

Newquay BID has constantly worked with Newquay Town Council and with Cornwall Council’s Highways team who have to provide the permissions for each sign and also erect them in the relevant positions.  Newquay BID provided recommendations about the best placing for each sign however, for planning and logistical reasons, some of the signs are placed in positions close to these recommended spots, rather than right on them.  The Highways team has also ensured that a number of the signs are placed in positions that replace previous signage.

Highway & Environment Manager at Cormac, Rachel Tatlow says: ‘Cormac Solutions Ltd on behalf of Cornwall Council has provided advice and guidance on the proposed locations of the new signs that are due to be erected in Newquay, to ensure safety to highway users is maintained.”

Deputy Town Clerk, Jo Piwecki says, “The Town Council is looking forward to the final stage of the signage project, which will be delivering our new notice boards. There has been a slight delay as we review the signs to ensure they meet with our statutory requirements and approve the designs. This time has also been invested in reviewing the locations of the Notice Boards so they are relevant with the town as it stands today”

Eve Wooldridge also says about the project, “We have received feedback from a number of members of the public about the locations of the signs and some of the information that is on them and we’re grateful for this information and are acting to rectify any errors.  It’s fair to say that this has been an extensive project, with ongoing cross-team working with Newquay Town Council, the Highways team and the team at 20/20 Projects.  We’re sorry that there have been some errors and these are all being swiftly rectified. 20/20 Projects has apologised for any disappointment or inconvenience caused as a result of these delays and has rectified the issues. With such setbacks resolved, we simply cannot wait for the final installations to be completed and we know they will be a lasting legacy and to the benefit of all visitors to Newquay.”

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