Business Improvement District (BID) is supporting several events across the town this year with both funding and marketing to help them to grow, increase visitor numbers and support local businesses. These events will bring people and income to the town through accommodation booking, food, drink and retail spend, helping Newquay’s economy to grow.

Events are a key priority for Newquay BID; creating and promoting a vibrant town and busy visitor attraction to support local businesses.

BID has outlined an events strategy for Newquay, which they have used to determine how to support events through an application process. The vision is to create a more vibrant town by scaling up signature events and increasing support for sustainable community and lifestyle events. The objectives will be to increase footfall raise the profile of Newquay, promote sustainable events and support event organisers. The priorities of the BID is to fund lifestyle and community events that have growth potential that are inclusive of heritage, community spirit and will create a feel good factor.

Alongside funding for these events, the BID team will assist with the marketing and promotion of events to encourage higher footfall and build awareness for both the events and the town. The BID will be liaising with businesses to ensure awareness of all events, and communicate the potential opportunities where businesses can benefit from these events. Post-event feedback from businesses will also be gathered by the team, to ensure events can continue to develop and understand how they can support the town and trade.

Jonathan Start, Chair of Newquay BID said: “Businesses of Newquay highlighted how important events are for the town and therefore the BID has put this at the heart of their strategy.  We want to continue to grow as a destination for events and attract locals and visitors to Newquay for an exciting range of new and existing events that we are supporting.”

The BID team will be working closely with the event organisers to ensure that the events have marketing support they need and identifying key performance indicators of the event to monitor the BIDs investment. Support for events this year include:

Natty Surf Jam (1st April)
Cornwall International Male Choral Festival (27th-April-1st May)
Newquay Triple Crown Series (various dates)
Thundercat Racing (13-15th May)
Newquay Carnival (9th July)
Newquay Fish Festival (8-10th September)
UK Bodysurfing Championships (16th-17th September)
Lowender Peran (2-6th November)
St Pirans Day (4th-5th March 2018)

Rob Elliot, festival Director for the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival says “The World’s Largest Male Choral Festival’ has, over the past 15 years been delighted to not only host concerts in the Town, but also organise over 2000 people to stay at over 20 local Hotels for up to a week at each festival.  Choirs from all over the globe descend on Newquay every two years where over 50 events at over 40 locations all across Cornwall take place. Our records show that approx £1M is spent by visiting choirs at every festival – whether in hotels, local shops, attractions, or bars and restaurants. Newquay BID has contributed to the success of the Festival, and we are looking forward to continuing  an even closer relationship for our 2019 Festival.”

For more information on the events follow Love Newquay on Facebook