Businesses in Cornwall are asked to join forces to help the economy in Cornwall bounce forward after lockdown, keep more money circulating in Cornwall and attract more trade as part of the new Keep It Cornish (Gwith e Kernewek) campaign.

They are encouraged to get involved and share stories, voice their opinions and swap ideas in a move to help Cornish businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’ way of doing business.

Keep it Cornish is an online platform where businesses can discover and share inspiring ideas on ways to increase sales, move into new markets using e-commerce activity, and find out where to access training, and the best places to go for business advice.

Developed by Cornwall Council in partnership with Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, Growth Hub, Made in Cornwall and the county’s eight Business Improvement Districts, Keep it Cornish encourages business owners to explore new and different ways in which they can evolve, expand, upskill and thrive post lockdown.

Making Cornwall more self-sufficient and resilient is the name of the game, especially important when faced with an economic downturn in times of national and global crises such as Covid-19.

Businesses are discovering that procuring more local products and services from within Cornwall wherever possible can lessen their reliance on wider supply chains; and with less production miles involved, doing business by ‘keeping it local’ contributes significantly to lowering the carbon footprint of goods.

“Gwith e Kernewek aims to help Cornwall accelerate out of the Covid shutdown,” explains Tim Dwelly, Cornwall’s portfolio holder for culture, economy and planning.

“Keep it Cornish is a real call to action – it’s about thinking Cornish, doing business and shopping in a more sustainable way, to be aware of how production miles affect our carbon footprint.

“Let’s be proud and spread the word about our award winning and accredited Cornish products and services – and let’s give credit to those businesses who stepped forward to help the vulnerable during the Covid19 crisis.

“Together, let’s work together to create a healthy, wealthy Cornwall by keeping things local and buying Cornish.”

Seafood Cornwall is one of a growing number of businesses to share an inspirational Keep it Cornish Story.

As a direct response to the lockdown from Covid-19, which limited opportunities to buy fresh Cornish fish, Seafood Cornwall launched #FishToYourDoor.

This match-makes dozens of fish merchants and fishmongers from Cornwall with potential seafood buyers and consumers both locally, and beyond. “No middle-man, no unnecessary road miles – customers simply pick up the phone, and have a good ole’ chinwag with their local fisherman as they order fresh seafood. That’s what community is all about anyway!”

Now, with more than 5,000 connections made, the delivery scheme may become a permanent feature of their business.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce CEO, Kim Conchie says: “Cornwall is at its best when we all work together, particularly in tough times. Here’s an opportunity for each of us – whether individual or business buyer – to do our bit to preserve jobs and businesses in The Duchy. Think the best, buy the best. Cornish products and services are the best. Look out for the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Made in Cornwall logos.”

Also hugely supportive of Keep it Cornish is Ann Vandermeulen, Development Manager for FSB Cornwall, who adds: “This is a great initiative to maximise the economic force that our Cornish businesses, suppliers, producers and consumers can deliver by working together and keeping the money circulating in our own county.

“Research has shown that for every £10 spent locally an additional £50 is generated in the local economy. And if this wasn’t a powerful enough reason to support this project, of course the sheer quality, diversity and uniqueness of everything that Cornwall has to offer is a pretty close second.

“We would certainly encourage everyone to get involved to the benefit of “One and All”, to coin our very appropriate Cornish motto.