Hanging baskets, graffiti, and sticker removal

Newquay BID are pleased to announce that the town’s hanging baskets, funded by Newquay Town Council and Newquay Business Improvement District, have been installed, bringing a real touch of colour to the town centre and beyond. One independent business owner in Bank Street praised the baskets, saying that “the hanging baskets are looking fabulous, love the colour scheme this year”.

Over 100 baskets have been installed in Newquay by Cormac: the baskets run throughout Fore Street, Bank Street, Train Station and Chester Road. Following advice from Cormac, some areas of the town have not been provided with hanging baskets this year, due to inclement weather conditions that prevent the baskets from thriving. These areas include the Killacourt, East Street and Cliff Road. Instead of hanging baskets in these areas, additional low-level planters have been installed outside of the post office. Following a successful trial, other areas in Newquay will continue to benefit from the introduction of these planters.

Under the project area ‘A More Welcoming Town Centre’, BID undertook a four-day programme of graffiti and sticker removal throughout the high street. Graffiti was removed from a number of areas in and around the town centre, including Beach Road, Bank Street, Springfield Road, the Eothan above Towan beach, the Barrowfields and Tram Tracks. Graffiti was removed from cashpoints, road signs and businesses doorways / fire exits. Sticker removal concentrated on lampposts, bins, bus shelters and phone boxes throughout the main town centre, ranging from Fore Street down through to Cliff Road and the train station.

These ongoing works form part of the 2016-2021 BID Business Plan and aim to help create a brighter town centre by delivering high impact, low cost projects that focus on improving the street environment for residents and visitors alike. BID Manager Carla-Marie Jones: “creating a brighter and more welcoming town centre is a key part of Newquay Business Improvement District’s remit and we work closely with partner organisations to ensure we are all working towards improving the street environment. The graffiti and sticker removal was timed to coincide with the installation of the town’s hanging baskets that are funded by both Newquay BID and Newquay Town Council”.

BID Chair Karen Hoyle said that “it is marvellous to see the quality of the hanging baskets this year – they make a really positive visual impact on anyone visiting the town. BID was also very pleased to carry out the removal of graffiti and stickers in the town centre and beyond as part of our ongoing work to assist Newquay Town Council and other organisations such as Newquay in Bloom to create a more welcoming street environment in and around Newquay”.

Newquay BID would like to thank Cormac, Graffiti Busters Ltd and APS Construction Services Ltd for their hard work and assistance with these projects. To contact the BID office team, please email info@newquaybid.co.uk or ring 01637 498599

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