Newquay Clean was established during 2020 in response to resident concerns regarding litter. The group is made up of representatives from CC, local volunteer groups (specifically Newquay Marine Group & Land & Sea Cornwall), Cormac, NTC and Newquay BID and is an excellent example of community action – Working Collaboratively with communities and supporting them to improve residents’ lives. The aim of the group is to provide co-ordination of activity and campaigns to reduce litter within the town – making Newquay a better place to live, work and visit. To achieve the aim the group:

  • Raises awareness of the issue of litter with stakeholders
  • Provides a forum whereby members of the group can ensure co-ordination between existing and emerging projects and issues
  • Uses the partnerships collective voice to run campaigns to reduce litter
  • Finds solutions through partnership working
  • Establishes task and finish groups, as appropriate, to progress specific issues or opportunities
  • Supports funding applications by individual member organisations

Successes and actions have included:

  • Texaco on Trevemper Rd changed their bins and glove distribution holders subsequent to our work and highlighting how many plastic gloves we were litter picking on that road and on the gannel.
  • ‘Purge the Verge’ litter picking working alongside Cormac to pick the verges prior to a cut.
  • We helped streamline and promote the ‘report it’ functions to people to help Biffa to know where and how urgent an area or overflowing bin needed sorting.
  • We are in the process of implementing bodyboard recycling scheme across 6 local beaches.
  • Although not Council land we did help with awareness of problems with litter on National Trust land at Crantock and they put in a large public use bin in the car park for the peak summer weeks.
  • We also helped National Trust at Polly Joke by clearing Marine litter, beach litter, dog poo bag mess on the beach and in the little car park, particularly due to the lack of rangers they had available due to covid not able to patrol and monitor the area.
  • Newquay Marine Group put in three fishing line recycling bins; one at Little Fistral; one at fly cellars and one on Esplanade Road all being used and positive feedback from local fisherman.
  • Land & Sea Cornwall CIC gifted out some litter picking equipment to keen volunteers so they could go our during lockdown and litter pick their local areas. We hope to gain further funding to do this on a wider scale through our ‘Adopt A Street’ campaign.
  • Regular meetings to identify issues and discuss and agree solutions
  • Relocation of bins to locations identified by volunteer litter pickers as litter hot spots
  • The promotion of a localised “Don’t be a Tosser” campaign
  • Establishment on Friends of Fistral Dunes to partner with Cormac to improve the environmental management of the area
  • Establishment of Trenance Leisure Park Stakeholder group to ensure management of the site which has multiple landowners and interested organisations

Work of the group has been covered by

Quotes from Stakeholders

Laura Guy-Wilkinson, Founder of NMG and Chair of Newquay Clean. “Newquay Clean organically grew by putting people around a virtual table to have a conversation. The thing we are most proud of is the communication. There is no them and us. It is a collaboration to make Newquay a better place to live, to visit and for the environment. It feels like we are all working together and this is obvious by the informality and successes we have seen over the year. We hope to build upon these foundations over the next year to bring about real positive change in our town.”


Gemma Turner – Co Director of Land & Sea Cornwall CIC “It has been wonderful to be able to work so collaboratively with all different types of stakeholders to solve problems arising in Newquay and surrounding Parishes regarding litter and other associated environmental issues. Rather than many different environmental groups, voluntary groups, Newquay Town Council, Cornwall Council, Clean Cornwall, Cormac and many others all concentrating separately on similar or indeed the same issues, we have now created a clear, honest communication channel in which to action things on the ground quickly and efficiently. It helps reduce miscommunication regarding key issues and we have had some really great wins out of it. It will always be a work in progress and we have some more exciting things to come, but the main thing is working together rather than against one another for the benefit of all; The community, wildlife and the environment (and of course visitors!)”


Spokesperson for Newquay Town Council “Newquay Town Council is proud to be working alongside local organisations under the umbrella of Newquay Clean to make the town a cleaner and more pleasant place to live and visit. The successes that Newquay Clean has had undoubtably reflect the hard work and dedication that each organisation has put in over the past year. By raising awareness, organising litter picks, relocating bins, amongst various other projects, the group has not only improved littering and reduced environmental issues throughout the town, but is essentially improving the standard of living for Newquay residents and making it a more appealing place for people to visit. Newquay Town Council is looking forward to its involvement with the team’s future initiatives.”


Geoff Passmore Waste and Environmental Contracts Officer  “It has been refreshing to have such an enthusiastic group of volunteers who are keen to enhance the services that Biffa provide on behalf of the Council. Over the past year we have seen some improvements across Newquay and surrounding locations through the litter picks that they have carried out which have made such a big difference.”


Carla – Marie Jones, Newquay BID Manager “We are so pleased to be able to continue our work alongside the wonderful community groups and local agencies on this platform. It brings us all together and collaboratively we can raise; address and problem solve issues in a timely manner. So many positives have resulted since this groups formation and some real tangible results. I am sure this platform will continue to flourish and evolve long into the future and we are super excited to be part of it. The group has a real collective power and influence when we all work together, so it’s truly remarkable to see so many areas being addressed and the town, which we all love and care for, to be continually improved and taken care of on a ground level.’’