Newquay-based, professional accountancy and bookkeeping firm, Crane & Johnston has, in collaboration with Newquay Business Improvement District (BID), developed a comprehensive business support document and guide to financial packages for BID-member businesses to utilise in these challenging times.

This comes as local businesses have reported finding themselves having to navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, often feeling unclear and uncertain. The new Newquay BID factsheet and guide to financial packages covers various business areas with advice on issues around tax, insurance, self-employment rights, government benefits and more.

During these unprecedented times, many businesses across the country are adapting to the social restrictions and government guidelines that have been imposed in ingenious ways – and many Newquay businesses are innovating with new options.  From restaurants and cafes offering new takeaway delivery services to exercise classes being carried out virtually, there are plenty of examples of businesses responding to the circumstances in order to not only survive but also support the local community.

Crane & Johnston has been able to fully utilise its recently installed customer relationship management software to provide prompt communications and important business updates via its social media channels and emails direct to its clients. This revolutionary move has enabled the team to advise clients promptly so they can take the necessary actions to manage their businesses and make critical decisions during these current uncertain times.  They have now extended their insights to BID members via the new factsheet.

Neil Hallam, Partner at Crane & Johnston said, ‘We are all in unparalleled times which can be stressful, confusing and overwhelming for businesses with Government guidelines and advice changing daily. We wanted to provide clarity at a time when there is so much information circulating.”

Neil continued, “We are fully aware of how hard it currently is for small businesses to deal with managing the more ‘HR’ based tasks that they now need to get to grips with in order to support themselves and staff during this critical period. This is exactly why we wanted to work with Newquay BID to develop something for these companies to use as a guideline that also simplifies things.”

Carla Jones, Newquay BID Manager said, “Knowing that many businesses will be concerned about the impact that these challenging circumstances will have on their businesses and also the welfare of staff, both physically and financially, the BID website is being updated regularly with advice and information as soon as we have it. We are keen to work with local businesses like Crane and Johnston and really disseminate as much simplified information and assistance to businesses in this currently noisy landscape. If you have an idea on other projects that could be collaborated on, we would be delighted to hear from you…”

Carla continued, “It is important to remember that we are all going through this together and that BID remains here to offer continuous support throughout these times.  At the same time, we are constantly looking ahead, rescheduling events and opportunities, for when we return to normal operations, to ensure a footfall boost when residents and visitors can return to the town.”

Keen to do as much as possible to help everyone get through these unchartered waters, Newquay BID would like to hear any suggestions of what that they can do to practically support businesses and the business community in general.  For example, if businesses are offering a delivery service or altered opening hours, then they would like to know if they can support that effort and message via their social channels and networks.  If businesses have literature that they wish to circulate to the wider community, or changes to their opening hours or operating plans, then Newquay BID can help share that info across its platforms. There has never been a more vital time for the local business community to come together and collaborate as far as possible.  Businesses or individuals are encouraged to send content, queries, feedback and suggestions to or