Newquay BID is launching a new digital project, the first of its kind in England, allowing its members to have an online presence on a bespoke digital platform, comprised of a website and a mobile app, with a network of bluetooth beacons driving location specific interactivity and messaging.

The Love Newquay digital project will see the launch of a brand new website, which will feature listings for all BID member businesses, giving them an online platform to promote their services and communicate directly with customers. Business members will be able to upload information to their own listing page, and present offers or news directly to targeted customers within the town.

The location-aware app will enable users to find areas of interest nearby, as well as directions to what’s in the town, whilst presenting useful and historical information on the area they are standing in. For example, whilst enjoying the view of the Huers Hut, visitors will be able to read the history on their phone, before finding somewhere nearby to grab a coffee or buy a wetsuit.

As this software pulls data from various sources across the internet, it will also have the ability to customise the information presented to users based on weather and/or surf conditions; so for example, on a rainy day it will tell you where to find indoor attractions, or if (heaven forbid!) the surf is flat, you’ll see where you can hire a paddleboard or a kayak.

Newquay BID will be working with a leading IT developer to launch a ground-breaking system.

Newquay BID Chairman Jonathan Start says of the project “With this new technology we hope to be able to put Newquay businesses first with this innovative approach to connecting with both visitors and residents of Newquay. This project will enable BID business members to interact with their customers via this platform and give them a competitive edge in the increasingly important digital world. Newquay BID are delighted to be part of this exciting project”

The new software will also monitor usage across the town, recording numbers in key areas, allowing the mapping of routes taken by the public throughout the town, highlighting key areas and collating footfall.

Newquay BID will also be applying for funding for this project, being at the forefront of digital technology to help businesses increase their online presence, promote, communicate and engage with customers and visitors across the town centre.

Being the first town in England to use this new technology, Karen Hoyle, Newquay BID director and marketing specialist says “Newquay BID is showing that with a forward thinking mindset the adoption of new technology we can really drive competitive advantage and excellent visitor and local experience. To be able to be a pilot and the first in England allows us to work alongside experts and use joint learning and ideas that are making a system that will be valuable now and a legacy framework for development in years to come”

There will be a presentation outlining the project at Newquay Business Week in October, to find out more about Business Week click here.

For any queries regarding the project, please contact BID Manager, Gemma Taylor via