As Newquay enters into the busiest season of the year, Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) is appealing to businesses, residents and visitors to work together to ensure maximum safety and a positive experience for all during the upcoming summer period.

The ongoing combined efforts between Newquay Business Improvement District (BID), Newquay Town Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council and amongst other key partnering organisations from the Newquay Safe platform, is a welcoming and optimistic view to the future of this popular year-round seaside town whilst prioritising safety.

In time for the busy summer season, the BID, has worked closely with local authorities and safety groups to assist and deliver on various initiatives; from Newquay Town Council installing branded hand sanitisers throughout the town, erecting joint safety messaging signage, BID produced business contact guides to enable signposting direct to relevant organisations and Cornwall Council recruiting stilt actors to spread the ‘hand, face, space’ messaging. This ongoing team effort ensures Newquay continues to stay safe and instils good practise for town wide operations along with promoting Newquay as a safe, compliant, and credible destination.

In addition to the pre-existing measures in place, the BID and other key organisations is urging all to play their part in this town-wide safety effort. We are encouraging everyone to create space for one-another whilst navigating the town and using the beaches, ensuring any promotional signage boards and flags are not causing obstructions from high footfall areas and for businesses to work with neighbouring businesses and each other over queuing systems and outdoor seating, as to not restrict access to anyone’s property. This is particularly important as we collectively traverse into a post-Covid world with ongoing restrictions to adhere to. Everyone is encouraged to ensure they take pride in their curb appeal and to continue to operate in a cooperative and safety focused manner over coming weeks.

We are also asking that all businesses, suppliers, and delivery drivers park or stop considerately if having works completed at their premises or deliveries made and for those driving around the town centre streets at busy times to do so with added caution. You can report and raise issues in a timely manner through Cornwall Council’s Report It Service and refer to the BID’s new contact list as a quick reference guide to find who you need to report issues to. These guides, which are currently being printed for businesses, act as a simple, quick signposting guide throughout the season to ensure a safe and well managed town.

Carla-Marie Jones, Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) Manager, said, “It is fantastic that we have got to the stage where businesses are reopening, and restrictions are lifting, and it is wonderful to have visitors back in the town. It has been amazing to see how businesses have continued to adapt and shine and we absolutely love seeing how happy you all are to be back doing what you love. We do need to be cognisant of the fact, however, that the virus is still in existence, and we are not out of the woods just yet. Let’s stay safe and keep creating space for eachother, so collectively, we can all welcome visitors back to our gorgeous town and let them have a positive, safe and fruitful experience in a post pandemic world. Everyone needs to play their part in this recovery period, we’ve all got responsibilities – whether it’s simply moving your signage to a safer location, regular cleaning of your shop fronts to ensure the town is looking the part, reporting problems as and when they arise, or arranging your deliveries for early mornings before the town’s footfall increases, by everyone doing their bit, you can all keep continuing to make Newquay’s bumper 2021 year a success over coming months. It is the little things that all add up, working together is super important, none of us can do this alone. If we all keep following the rules, this also offers visitors vital reassurance when entering our town, offering them a safe and positive experience so they will continue to make many more return visits back to us in the future.”

Steve Johnson from Devon and Cornwall Police said, “We live in an incredible part of the country, one where people descend upon in droves to enjoy every year. We need to take pride in our town centre, our business premises, and shared spaces so that we can all take advantage of being here, whether that’s as a resident or visitor. We would urge everyone in Newquay this year to pay heed to the safety advice and just have a wonderful and safe time enjoying all that Newquay has to offer.”

For further information on Newquay BID’s future work and projects or to request some reporting guides, please email or visit the website at: