On July 19th, England loosened its restrictions even further as we entered the fourth and final phase of the government’s lifting of lockdown plan. This means that the previous restrictions such as the ‘rule of six’ indoors, thirty outdoors, one-meter social distancing, closure of nightclubs and the compulsory wearing of facemasks have now ceased, although many businesses have stated they will continue to encourage visitors and staff to wear face coverings and maintain a suitable distance apart for the foreseeable.

Many of Newquay’s businesses have been eagerly awaiting this development and further step towards some semblance of normality. This includes pubs and bars who will no longer have to implement table service rules and venue check in requirements will be scrapped. Also, event organisers such as wedding and funeral directors will no longer have to cap numbers of attendees because of social distancing rules.

Funeral director, Laura Henwood said, “We’re really pleased to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The past year has been incredibly difficult for families who have had to overcome the heart-breaking limited attendance numbers at funerals due to social distancing restrictions. We know how important it is to be able to support family and friends during life’s most difficult times so the lifting of many of the restrictions going forward will, no doubt, be welcomed by all. We trust that all those who attend funerals and all major life events will exercise caution and that collectively we can move toward traditional normality.”

Natalie Semley of Trenance Cottages said, “We are excited about entering the next phase of the roadmap out of lockdown. Of course, there are naturally some trepidations, but collectively we are feeling really positive about the future, especially being able to welcome more people back into the heritage site and grant them access to the local heritage and culture that we have on offer here at the Cottages. We have many plans in the pipeline that we are now looking forward to delivering. From hosting more weddings and welcoming community groups and their exhibitions to our community space, to being able to fundraise through our annual community events, including the Autumn Fayre in September.”

Cove24 is exercising caution over the new lifting of restrictions and will continue to adopt social distancing and table service only in its restaurant and bar. General manager, Ellis Robinson said, “While everyone wants to get back to some normality, cramming people in for profit is only going to make the situation worse. It’s necessary to maintain distancing, even if it reduces our overall capacity, for the protection of our staff as well as our customers. I think all hospitality venues have a responsibility to protect the community they serve, but I fear that many will just want to recover what they have lost over the year by completely loosening restrictions and making the situation worse.”

Carla – Marie Jones, Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) Manager said, “We are in stage four of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown which is a great place to be given the challenges of the past 18 months. We are in a very different position to that of 2020, although it is important to be cognisant of the fact that the virus is still at play and the guidance remains in place. We understand that some businesses will have mixed feelings about entering the next phase with some natural concerns – we would like to assure them that we are here to support in any way we can as we are all on this journey together. If you are changing or altering the way you operate or trade, or continuing to operate with some in house rulings or for your customers or visitors , please do let us know, drop us an email to social@newquaybid.co.uk as we would love to spread the word and help ensure a smooth transition over the coming weeks. We are aware of many businesses who are now choosing to keep certain restrictions in place and its great to see the level of care and compassion sentiment being shared locally by the business community. Equally, those who are seeking some more normality, it is also great to see you being able to open your doors and operate in the manner you are accustomed to once again. We hope you all have a wonderfully, safe, and fruitful summer season.’’

For further information on Newquay BID’s future work and projects, please email info@newquaybid.co.uk or visit the website at: https://www.newquaybid.co.uk/.