Jill Wilmott – Trenance Cottages 

Newquay’s Trenance Cottages are a unique trio of renovated Cornish cottages. Standing proud in the Trenance Gardens, the beautiful cottages are open to the public and include a museum, a function room, Wiltons in The Garden Tearoom, an ice-cream outlet and Babel Fish Language School.

The site is now managed by the charity, Trenance Cottages Newquay. The volunteers are immensely important in raising funds to ensure the sustainability of this iconic building and have plans to organise the annual grotto in December, much loved by the local children.

There were sighs of relief all round when the Cottages were able to re-open most of the heritage rooms in early July, even if there were necessary limitations to numbers of visitors entering.  It was with great delight, however, that the newly created Children’s Bedroom could be seen.  A complete transformation of the upstairs space formerly housing an exhibition of period objects provided and arranged by Newquay Old Cornwall Society.

One of these trustees is Jill Wilmott. In addition to this role, Jill has 35 years of experience in community projects as treasurer and chairman of various organisations, utilising public funds in the form of grants and local fundraising of up to £700,000. Jill is also a member of Newquay Lions Club, an ex town councillor and retired teacher.

Jill has also worked with Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) for a number of years across various projects.   Approaching the end of its second term, the ballot to determine whether the BID will continue for a third term is taking place at the end of this month. If the organisation achieves a majority of yes votes, Newquay BID will have a renewed mandate for another five years. After a consultation period with member businesses, the team is currently developing a future business plan for the town.

Throughout its lifetime thus far, Newquay BID has provided a significant boost to the Newquay local, regional and national profile. It also provides behind-the-scenes valuable advocacy and financial support for businesses across the town, and for the destination at large.

Jill said, “We are supporting Newquay BID in its upcoming renewal effort because we believe it has done a very good job for the town. We have had support for events in the past and believe in future  the BID will be there for us. We get a ‘higher profile’ town for our BID levy and we would hate to lose this valuable asset. By being part of Newquay BID, we feel that we are part of the town’s success and as though we have a voice. We need to all club together during this period of recovery.”

Jill continued, “Earlier this year BID came to the rescue of The Newquay Lions Carnival, which although had to be postponed will hopefully go ahead next year with BID’s support. Many businesses in Newquay may not even be aware of all of the BID’s achievements. The transformative work it has delivered since 2010 is outlined on the organisation’s website and are well worth reading. From press trips to regeneration projects, destination branding to event support and organisation, it is all so beneficial.”

There is just over a month to go until ballot papers are sent out and then Newquay businesses have 28 days to make the crucial decision as to whether or not the vital support and delivery of the Newquay Business Improvement District is continued. A ‘Yes’ vote will not only secure circa £150,000 per year over the next five years to spend on re-investing into and promoting ‘Newquay’, but the BID team will also look to secure additional funding via grants and match-funding opportunism as and when the economy allows.

For more information about Newquay BID’s renewed proposals, please visit www.newquaybid.co.uk/renewal or email info@newquaybid.co.uk

For more information on Trenance Cottages, visit http://www.trenancecottages.co.uk/.