During 2019, Newquay and the businesses within reached more than 21.1 million people in various publications across the UK and Europe. This is all thanks to collaboration between Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) and member businesses hosting press trips in the town. Working closely with local PR agency, Excess Energy Communications, this BID funded project has really been of great success and benefit to the businesses to date and Newquay BID are now looking to expand this offering to even more businesses.

Press trips are a vital addition to the work of enhancing the town’s reputation locally, nationally and internationally. The BID now wants to hear from BID-member businesses who would like to take part in hosting 2020 trips.

Hosting a trip usually includes offering something from the business on a complimentary basis in exchange for inclusion in the published coverage, which could be a magazine, newspaper, digital or social media coverage. All trips organised will take place outside of peak season in line with Newquay BIDs key aims and objectives in order to show how much Newquay has to offer all year round.

Previous publications where Newquay BID has placed coverage include, amongst others, The Times, Flybe’s in-flight magazine Flight Time, Balance magazine, Manchester Evening News, Chiswick Magazine, Scandinavian Traveler and Bristol Life.

In May, Newquay featured for the very first time in Scandinavian Traveler, Scandinavian Airlines’ in-flight magazine, following the recently announced direct flight link to Copenhagen. The first piece reached 2.5 million people as the airline flew all across Europe and trans-Atlantic and a second set of articles are in the planning for spring, accumulating to an estimated overall reach of 5.5 million.

In addition to traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, also invited to visit Newquay are a set of key influencers who specialise in different platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and blogs. For instance, in October, Newquay hosted an influencer who increased visitors to the host-business’ Instagram by 300% upon tagging the business across her social media coverage.

Newquay has also featured in many key regional publications such as Bristol Life, Devon Life and the Bournemouth, Dorset and Southern Daily Echo. Coverage in publications such as these hugely valuable as the readers are just a short drive away and those with disposable income can come and visit the town ‘spontaneously’ or last minute.

Carla-Marie Jones, Newquay Business Improvement District Manager, said: “Inviting journalists, influencers and media publications to the town and showing them everything Newquay has to offer, is a very important part of what we do. Everyone who lives, works and visits here already knows how fantastic the businesses are and we want to share and shout about this far and wide. Press trips are a great way of showing off your business and really getting your name out there, be it through a variety of local or national coverage. This BID funded project is open to all member businesses whatever your sector, be it food and drink, independents, retail, accommodation providers and activity-based businesses. We want to hear from you.”

Carla-Marie continued: “There are many reasons why a business would consider taking part in such a trip but the most enticing might be the exposure the business will get through featuring in such a piece, which in turn may generate into trade. For example, in April 2019, 17 member businesses featured in a grand piece in The Times, both online and in print, particularly highlighting the ever-emerging independent businesses on the high street. These pieces don’t organically happen, there is a lot of work put into making these a success by both the Newquay BID and Excess Energy team. We want to extend our biggest thanks to all the member businesses that have collaborated and supported this activity on an ongoing basis and we hope many new ones will get in touch for the planned 2020 trips. We certainly couldn’t make the trips happen without you! Excess Energy and Newquay BID love working with all of you and we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us.”

Mel Marquis, co-founder of 12 Beach Road, said: “Since 12 Beach Road opened in March 2019, we have had a great working relationship with Newquay BID and we have thoroughly enjoyed hosting journalists and influencers for meals and drinks. It is definitely something that we hope to continue doing and we look forward to 2020 opportunities.”

Emilie Cole, Group Marketing Executive of Fistral Beach Hotel and The Esplanade, said: “We have worked with Newquay BID for many years on a plethora of trips and find it to be a very valuable investment. We have seen the hotels feature in pages flying across Europe, hosted influencers to gain amazing online traction and had regional publications visit to entice the last-minute bookings. We’ve had some great coverage as a result of this and we would say to those thinking of getting involved that it’s well worth the investment.”

Businesses who are interested in taking part in taking part with hosting press and social media influencers are asked to email carla.lewis@newquaybid.co.uk


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Issued on behalf of Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) by Excess Energy Communications.  For further info, imagery or interviews please contact Sarah Harrington on 01637 852130 or Sarah@excess-energy.co.uk, or Else Welde on 01637 852130 or Else@excess-energy.co.uk.  Thank you.

Notes to editors

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined geographical area, where business ratepayers have voted to invest collectively in local improvements that are in addition to those that are already delivered by local statutory bodies. The second term of Newquay BID will see all the businesses within the geographical boundary with a rateable value of £7,500 or over contribute a 1% levy based on the rateable value.

Why does Newquay need a BID?

As a tourist destination, we need to ensure ongoing marketing and promotions to both retain and attract new visitors. We are competing with other regional towns who also have BIDs, who will be using their funding to promote their towns regionally and nationally through digital marketing and flagship events. To preserve the vitality of our town centre and encourage inward investment is crucial in maintaining Newquay as a place to live and work.

At its peak, Newquay sees footfall increase to 275,000 per week during August and it’s crucial that we encourage these visitors to return by investing in our street environment and taking pride in Newquay.

What can a BID do?

A BID can deliver virtually anything its businesses decide they need, as long as it is over and above what the local authority already provides.  A BID is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. It cannot carry out any projects or services that statutorily have to be provided by public agencies.

What does Newquay BID do?

Newquay BID has set out its business plan to highlight the vision and objectives, and projects will be worked on for the term.
The key priorities for Newquay BID are as follows;

  • Destination Newquay
  • Creating a more vibrant Newquay
  • A more welcoming town centre
  • Improving and supporting businesses

The vision for Newquay BID is to continue to grow Newquay as leading destination for tourism, business and living.