For immediate release

October 2020


‘Sustaining Newquay as a leading visitor destination for tourism, business and living to create a progressive, adaptable and resilient economy.’ (Newquay BID’s Vision)

Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) proves it well and truly means future business with the release of its proposed business plan for the next five-year (2021- 2026) term. Providing a comprehensive outline of how the organisation will strengthen Newquay’s economy and visitor experience, the document is available to view and download via the BID’s website. Levy-paying BID-member businesses will also have received hard copies prior to the upcoming ballot which commences on November 9th, 2020.

Developed in collaboration with proactive local businesses, based on feedback and ideas provided, the detailed document outlines the BID’s 2021-2026 plans and ambitions, centring around continuation and future expansion of four main themes:

  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Cleaner, Greener and Safer
  • Business Support and Representation

The BID’s strategy will aim to maintain Newquay’s standing as a leading year-round destination through local, national, and international marketing campaigns and PR. Under the new plan, the team will also sustain and grow the vibrant Newquay events scene, creating a cleaner, greener, and safer Newquay and represent the best interests and voices of levy paying businesses through ongoing and new partnership working groups. This vital work will be achieved through delivery of the outlined projects.

Jonathan Start, director of Start and Co and Newquay BID Director said, “After such a comprehensive consultation period, it feels really rewarding to get our business plan out there into the public domain. We really hope businesses will take the time to digest the details of this proposal to make an informed decision. We are optimistic that members will vote for collaboration, progress, and success in Newquay for a further five years.”

Jonathan continued, “The alternative to a ‘yes’ vote is the BID ceasing its operation as of March 2021. It is highly unlikely that any other organisation will have the capacity, resource, or funds to step forward in BID’s absence. With businesses’ support, we can continue to build on the successes and achievements of the past ten years and continue to keep Newquay firmly on the map and in the spotlight.”

Jon Askey, director of Heron Tennis Centre said, “We have a fantastic asset in Newquay BID, and I believe continuation of this vital organisation can only help our town prosper and flourish into the future. The new business plan provides the necessary detail so we can reuse the power of ongoing, local investment for the benefit of all. It is rewarding and exciting to see the detailed objectives and plans for the next five years.”

Joel Riley, director of Roly’s Fudge Pantry, “Since its inception, Newquay BID has done a great job of raising the profile of Newquay and improving the visitor experience on the high street. I will be backing the BID for another five-year term because it is vital to the town’s recovery given the effects of the pandemic. All of the work Newquay BID does behind the scenes makes such a difference.”

Lesley Friel, Newquay In Bloom said, “We have worked extensively with Newquay BID over the past decade and we have so much more we can do together. Their annual funding is vital to our future successes as we continue to ensure Newquay is a town we can all be proud of all year-round. It’s great that a business organisation has the remit to make improvements on a ground level and in a timely manner. We love working with the BID Manager too, who is proactive and always tries to ensure businesses’ ideas are voiced, actioned and lead the way in all that we do.”

Over the past ten years, Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) has established itself as an integral catalyst, a constant business and community support provider and a key driver for new businesses relocating to the town. The not-for-profit organisation is also a vital body providing ongoing powerful local, regional and national advertising, media, digital communications, PR and marketing campaigns for Newquay.

In the past five years alone, it has created and delivered a new and exciting brand for Newquay as a coastal-cool, contemporary destination. The rebrand has been accompanied by a fulfilling programme of marketing activities alongside significant PR and publicity campaigns including a set of targeted advertising and press trip campaigns. It has built up a 44k strong social media following with an estimated reach of over five million users, generated over 400 features in local, regional and national media for businesses, arranged 50+ press trips, with 100+ businesses represented, resulting in £2,000,000+ worth of media coverage and exposure.

In addition to this, the team has pitched for businesses to achieve prestigious accolades on Newquay’s behalf including Sunday Times Beach of the Year in 2017 for Lusty Glaze and Top Activity Beach 2017 for Fistral Beach. The annual Seven Magazine has promoted over 300 businesses with a circulation of 60,000 copies. The organisation has funded and supported over 40 events investing £35,000 into both commercial and not for profit events whilst delivering their own BID led events including both Halloween and Christmas festivities.

Newquay BID have funded the removal of on average 200 metres squared per annum of graffiti and stickers, covering 125+ businesses. Installed additional planters, funded the yearly provision of trader hanging baskets, bunting and banners.

Since the coronavirus crisis struck, the team has played a pivotal role in lobbying national government, fought for businesses on issues including rents, utilities, rates exemptions, financial support packages and much more. In addition to this, it has constantly kept businesses up to date with financial support and guidelines, created organic social media content for businesses and implemented a business led PR campaign to support the businesses with an overall reach of over 1,177,842 across broadcast, print and social media. More achievements and success can be found within the business plan.

Newquay BID are keen to continue engaging with as many levy-paying business as possible throughout the coming weeks in the lead up to the ballot. Business involvement is a key driver for the next five years and its vital that businesses support and indeed invest in these proposed plans for them to be brought to fruition. In August 2020, Newquay BID launched an online consultation survey which ran for 3 months. The format of how the team engaged and consulted altered somewhat in line with COVID rulings and the landscape they found themselves in at the time, with email, post and calls forming the rigorous backbone of the communications. To date, all BID levy paying businesses have received written communications by post, with 86% receiving multiple emails. The engagement process to date, has provided a wealth of tangible feedback that has been considered, helping shape the final business plan, whilst also considering the previous five years’ worth of feedback gained through businesses be it from social media, face to face discussions or at previous BID forums.

The overarching views from businesses and their feedback includes:

  • Making Newquay cleaner, greener and safer (keeping the streets clean and ensuring public realm assets such as benches and signs are cared for and maintained as well as graffiti removal)
  • Marketing Newquay as an attractive, destination, both locally, regionally and nationally and throughout the year
  • Ensuring that businesses in the side streets or on the edge of the boundary have an opportunity to participate in BID activities and projects
  • Events are important to the future direction of the town and many would like to see these re-instated as and when the time allows
  • Maintaining and where necessary improving printed, promotional materials and increasing their circulation as well as maintaining an emphasis on digital marketing
  • Strengthening partnerships

All of which has been addressed and included in the Third Term Business Plan.

A ‘yes’ vote will not only secure circa £150,000 per year over the next five years to spend on re-investing into the town, but we will also simultaneously look to secure additional funding via grants and match-funding as and when the economy allows. Without the BID, none of this will be possible. There is no such opportunity within the foreseeable future to raise or secure funds of this amount to be spent directly within Newquay.

Ballot papers will be despatched on November 9th 2020 signifying the start of the 28-day postal ballot. The postal ballot will close on December 10th at 5pm with the result being announced on December 11th. If the vote is successful, the third term of Newquay BID will commence on April 1st 2021.

The business plan is available to view via Newquay BID’s website at: For more information on Newquay BID, its achievements, initiatives and projects to date, please visit: