Phase 4 the Newquay Reopening Plan

Following a review of the third phase of Newquay’s Re-opening Plan that came into place from 10 July in the Town Centre, further social distancing measures are now being put in place to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to Newquay as of Friday 14 August.

Newquay Town Council met with representatives from Highways, Cornwall Council, Newquay BID, Devon & Cornwall Police and Safer Cornwall this week to discuss the emerging issues that have been reported, including observations from marshals, Councillors, and local residents.

The following additional measures have now been agreed to resolve these issues:

  • ALL road closures will be extended to 10am – 7pm 7 days a week, following increased footfall in the Town Centre which has led to numerous observed near misses with vehicles and a growing risk that needed to be addressed. These closures will provide marshals with the ability to react to spikes in footfall as and when they arise.

The official road closure will allow the team to close the road at any point between 7am and 10pm, but to be clear, there is no intention at this stage to extend beyond the 10am -7pm times. If public safety is put at risk, then a decision may be taken to extend the closure hours, but we will communicate this as soon as possible, with as much notice as possible with the businesses through Newquay BID and local media.

  • Hoopers Lane will be closed as part of the existing Bank Street road closures from 7am – 10pm. Access to the businesses on this road will be permissible but existing restrictions apply. This is following numerous vehicles driving down the lane and on to Bank Street during the closure.
  • There will be a “No Waiting at Any Time” (NWAAT) restriction for the whole of Bank Street. This is following on-going requests for vehicles not to park in Bank Street during the closure period and the lack of adherence to this request by a small minority. This will be effective from the Gover Lane junction through to the junction of The Crescent between the hours of 9am – 6pm daily.

Whilst in normal circumstances, Newquay Town Council and its partners would have implemented the restrictions in-line with the ‘official’ road closure times (7am – 10pm), we recognise the impact this is likely to have across the wider high street and so the restrictions have been limited and are purely to support the Phase 4 real closure times. This will not affect businesses receiving their deliveries when the road is OPEN, as they will still be able to load on an NWAAT restriction.

  • An increase of marshals is also being implemented. They will be undertaking more sweeps to identify A-Boards and other obstructions that are creating issues for safe social distancing.

The following measures are still in place from the previous phases of the plan:

  • Keep Right whilst walking through the Town Centre
  • Most of Bank Street is closed for vehicles through to the Island Crescent junction (Emergency and residential access is facilitated) with a diversion in place from Central through to Island Crescent.
  • The Gover Lane closure measures are still being maintained and are acting as our designated delivery and blue badge parking. Existing parking restrictions app, but Blue Badge holders and delivery vans can go through the closure along that lane.
  • There are hand sanitisers located on and in all Town Council operated public toilets.
  • All toilets are now open with summer opening hours
  • Marshals continue to patrol the town to help with the social distancing messaging and to keep everyone safe.

Newquay Town Council and its partners continue to monitor and review the measures proactively to ensure the Town is as safe and welcoming to visitors, residents and in-deed shoppers as possible, supporting our important businesses and wider high-street.

The above measures remain temporary during this period.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council and its partners at the following dedicated email address: if you have any questions about the plan or if you have any ideas or suggestions to put forward. Thank you for following the guidance and helping to keep everyone safe.

— Ends —