Newquay BID Third Term 2021-2026

Newquay BID’s current five-year term (2016-2021) is due to cease on the 31st March 2021 and will be heading into renewing its proposal later this year, with a ballot being held throughout November and early December 2020. Following a successful ballot, this would see Newquay BID continue its operations and run for an additional five-year term from 1st April 2021 until 31st March 2026.

We are delighted to announce that following a successful ballot, Newquay BID will now continue to operate until March 2026. Click here to view the official result

Newquay BID is consulting with all levy payers to help shape, influence and inform the new business plan, which is due to be created and published in October 2020 ahead of the postal vote issued by Cornwall Council in November.

We want to hear from Newquay BID levy paying businesses about their priorities for our town, any possible projects or new ideas and where they think their levy payments could be best targeted to generate the greatest value for the continued success of Newquay for the next five years.

We understand how busy you all may be during this challenging economic time. COVID19 has affected the way in which we all operate and will continue to change over the coming months. The survey has been designed to take no longer than 10 minutes and have lots of opportunities for you to expand on comments and provide us with vital feedback. We have had to adapt the way we would normally consult throughout a renewal period with the focus now being heavily reliant on direct emails, social media, phone calls, postal correspondence, and local media campaigns. If you have not heard from us via email or post to date, please do send over your updated contact information to

Please see the below link to Newquay BIDs Consultation Survey. This feedback will help form the basis for the new five year term of BID’s business plan which will be made available to your business prior to the ballot.

Newquay BIDs Third Term Timeline

14th July 2020 Notification to Secretary of State of ballot day
July/August 2020 Survey sent to all levy paying businesses, circa 450 encouraging businesses to have their view
September 2020 Survey results analysed and business plan for the third term of Newquay BID written and designed reflecting business views
October 2020 Formal letter to Cornwall Council to hold ballot
October 2020 Business plan available to all levy payers – Click here to view the 2021-2026 Business Plan Proposal
October 2020 Notice of ballot published 26th October 2020 – Click here to view notice
November 2020 Ballot papers sent out on 9th November 2020 signifying start of 28-day postal ballot
December 2020 Close of ballot Thursday 10th December 2020 at 5pm with result notified on 11th December 2020 – Click here to view the result
1st April 2021 If the vote is successful the third term of Newquay BID begins

To read how Newquay BID have continued to operate and respond during the pandemic, click here

The notice of ballot will be issued on 26th October with ballot papers arriving on or around 10th November for a 28 day postal ballot. All votes need to be received by Cornwall Council on or before Thursday 10th December at 5pm.

To view the notice of ballot, click here 

To apply for a proxy vote as outlined in the notice, please download the application form here and send to  

To download and read Newquay BIDs Third Term Business Plan, click here

Baselines – Services provided by statutory organisations within Newquay that have a correlation to the projects that the BID will deliver have been documented.  The purpose of this it to ensure that Newquay BID is adding value to current service provision and supporting businesses rather than replacing or duplicating existing services. An agreement in principle, subject to a successful ‘yes’ vote, has been reached with Cornwall Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Newquay Town Council that these baselines will be reviewed each year. Cornwall Council issues will be reported through the localism team at Cornwall Council as and when they occur.  To view these baselines, please see below:

Devon and Cornwall Police Baseline

Newquay Town Council Baseline

Cornwall Council Baseline

Newquay Zone Map


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