The great thing about surfing is that everyone can do it – young or old, girls or boys, mums and dads. But where do you get started? Well, as you doubtless know, Newquay is the surf capital of Britain, so it has everything you need whether you’re getting started or training for the world tour!


Traditional wooden bellyboards are a whole lot of fun. All the local beach shops sell them and anyone can ride the whitewater to shore on one. Just remember to swim between the red and yellow flags, and stay in waist-deep water. Some bellyboarders take things to the next level by adding fins and catching the green (unbroken) waves – but make sure your swimming and beach knowledge are up to the challenge.


Bodyboarding is a great way to start having fun in the waves, and has replaced bellyboarding as the easiest way to start surfing. Compared to wooden bellyboards, bodyboards have more floatation, are softer on the skin and can be used by total beginners or top pros. The same safety rules apply, but once you start venturing further ‘out back’ be careful not to float too far out to sea and always take notice of the lifeguards.


So you want to stand up? There are lots of places to hire surfboards (make sure you own or hire an appropriate wetsuit for the water temperatures, too) but taking lessons at one of the surf schools is the quickest and easiest way to master surfing. With expert teachers and huge floaty surfboards, lots of schools record over 90% success rates for getting people standing on their first session.

Starting to get serious? Then book yourself some surf coaching. With plenty of British and European champions harking from Newquay, we’ve got some of the most highly qualified surf coaches in the country. Whether you need tips on riding green waves or want to win the next Boardmasters, these guys and girls are guaranteed to take your surfing up a notch.