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A New initiative is being launched this April lead by Newquay BID, pathing the way to becoming the first town in the UK to offer a whole town approach to providing Safe Spaces. An accredited scheme with support from Newquay town council, local businesses, the Town Mayor and Devon and Cornwall Police which when launched will offer a place of safety to anyone feeling vulnerable or at immediate risk within the town.

Mark W says “We feel that the town is fast becoming a welcoming and safe space, we already have a whole town approach system with communications between CCTV and businesses; Further supporting this with new initiatives like this one providing that additional layer of safety within the community and we’re proud to be leading the way to the UK’s first Safe Space Town supported by local businesses, organisations and Devon and Cornwall police, we predict the scheme to be welcomed across the town by members of the public, locals and visitors alike.”

Newquay have significantly reduced crime rates over recent years and recognise that this is a further proactive step to prioritising personal safety 24/7 with particular focus on the nighttime economy as well as providing safe spaces throughout the daytime.

Inspector Guy Blackford for Devon and Cornwall Police says, “We welcome the Newquay Safe Spaces initiative to help protect vulnerable people in the area and the collaborative approach with key local stakeholders. Whilst our officers are making great strides in continuing to improve safety in Newquay, the Safe Spaces initiative provides an additional space for vulnerable people to seek safety and help. We are excited to support this new initiative to improve safety in the town, and to help combat violence against women and girls, which is one of our three key priorities.”

Newquay Bid are urging local businesses and organisations to get in touch to join the initiative, which hopes to secure funding to support the training to join the scheme.

All businesses and organisations wanting to become a Safe Space will be supported to ensure they are properly prepared and ready to become a Safe Space, with systems in place to protect themselves, their employees and the person at risk seeking immediate support.

In becoming a Safe Space, you will have the necessary understanding to support a person seeking help and have a list of wider support agencies to contact in order to signpost to the support required. It may be that your support for a person in need is simply a call home or to someone to come and pick them up. If the person seeking safety has been a victim of crime or feels they are at risk, you would simply call 999. Newquay Police Station is open between 8am and 6pm.

Training begins on 20th February 2024 to register your interest, for information and book onto training please contact:

It’s Newquay’s ambition to have a town where a persons safety is of priority, this initiative further supports a well structured support system within the town with allocated and recognised Safe Spaces to offer a place of safety provided by Local business within the community. With each organisation undertaking safe space, Safeguarding and bystander training and meeting advised Safe space criteria, any person in immediate risk can receive the correct immediate support, whether that be a young person unable to get home safety or anyone feeling unsafe or of course at risk of becoming a victim of crime, these are just some examples of the temporary and immediate trained venue support provided by the scheme.

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