The Edgcliff – For Pool & Live Sports. NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED everyone welcome!

Featuring 8 Pool tables all of the highest standard and specification. You won’t find a better place to play Pool, not only in Newquay but for miles around! We’ve 3 large screens in a large open plan environment, for that ‘unmissable match’, plus a wide selection of drinks at great prices.​​​​


The Edgcliff has been a part of Newquay life for decades. Only it’s location (Opposite Great Western Hotel & Beach) and most of the name remain, and maybe the carpet and some chairs!

In August 2020 ‘The Edgcliff Social Club’ was taken over and renaming it as just ‘The Edgcliff’ was very much an indicator of the next chapter of it’s life. To simplify and improve.

We dropped the membership element, refreshed the facilities, broadened the drink range and gave much of this iconic institution a breath of fresh air.

Our primary focus is English 8 Ball Pool. Simply put, we wanted a place with facilities where professionals would be happy playing so that everyone, regardless of their ability, could also enjoy and appreciate what it’s like to play on the best tables.

We have invested, and continue to invest, heavily in our tables and have 8 world class tables (5 Supreme Match Pool tables and 3 Supreme Winners). We even have a ‘Pool Match Room’, with it’s own TV and electronic score board. All tables are only covered in the highest standard cloth and maintained perfectly. Even the balls provided, as standard, are the same as used in the professional world. We even supply the Cues & the chalk. Pool is our obsession!

And we only charge £6ph – booking ahead is highly recommended. Find us on Facebook (The Edgcliff Newquay) and book via messenger. Google Maps or call us on 01637 520230.

The Edgcliff – For Pool & Live Sports. No membership required everyone welcome”