At the Newquay BID we are continuously trying to engage with businesses to ensure that they are receiving as many benefits from their investment as possible.

There are a range of ways in which you can get involved in the work we do such as our bi-monthly retail forums, regional and national press trips, events, our local Loyalty Card Scheme and of course the increasingly popular Seven Magazine.

This newsletter allows you to see the ways in which other BID businesses choose to get involved with the work we do and the benefits that they receive from their interaction with us. If you would like any more information about the schemes and initiatives discussed within this newsletter please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01637 498599 or email BID Manager Eve Wooldridge at


Retail Forum

Held bi-monthly, the purpose of the meetings is to discuss current issues that are affecting the high street and find solutions for these. Colin and Nicky are both BID members that attend the meetings regularly.

Colin Paul, owner of Pauline’s

“I attend the monthly ‘Retail Forum’ whenever I can, as I find I can have informal input on, and up to the minute information about, how BID is promoting our town and spending our contributions.

Without BID our business community would be getting very little cash input or interest from the powers that be, and I am impressed that our administrator’s seem to manage to get matched funding on nearly all projects they promote, there by doubling the amount of money available to reinvest in bettering our business environment. I can also voice my concerns about various things that I feel are not right in our community, and have found that on doing so positive action has been immediately forth coming (the BID team know what numbers to ring).

If any member has any doubt as to how they are benefitting from BID, I definitely recommend that they should attend the forum where they can air their views and be listened to. We are BID, and BID works for us.”

Nicky Phillips, Store Manager Weird Fish

“I enjoy and also feel that I get a lot out of attending the Retail meetings, not only for myself, but for our shop and our customers.

By giving up a hour every other month to attend and support the Newquay BID team, which in my mind are doing a great job in promoting Newquay in a very positive and friendly manner to attract a varied range of people to come to the resort.

Not only does it give you a chance to listen to what they have planned, but it’s a chance to have an input as well.

We have taken part and supported a few of the events that they have put on, such as the Easter Egg trail, Halloween bat trail and Window competition, this did bring  extra footfall and customers that hadn’t visited the shop before. We also had a grant towards tidying up the shop front through the Porta’s Pilot Shop Front Improvement Grant.

If people did attend the meetings, they would see what the team are trying hard to do for the town. We have a great town, so let’s all do our best.”

Press Trips

Sophie Kelly, Marketing Manager for the Esplanade Hotel and Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

“Newquay BID have always been a valuable source of exposure for us.  We target a family market at The Esplanade Hotel and I know Newquay BID is keen to bring families to all that Newquay has to offer.  The press trips we have been involved in are very well organised, and in fact have a very low impact on our operations.  It can be a little nerve wracking – however if you make sure that you brief all your staff and your product is up to scratch there really is nothing to worry about- they are just journalists- not monsters!

At our Fistral Beach Hotel we target a very different market- we would consider our target market to be those that have yet to start a family and enjoy the finer things in life- together with a cheeky surf- and those with grownup children who are ready to get back to treating themselves. The journalists staying with us have always enjoyed our Spa and restaurant and it is a pleasure to know that we are helping to portray Newquay in a positive light.”

Claire Durkin, Marketing and PR at Newquay Activity Centre

“Working with the Newquay Bid and participating in their national press trips has provided us with the opportunity to showcase all of our activities to a wider audience. As well as showing off the beautiful beaches of Newquay, the continued initiative for great Newquay press coverage benefits all the businesses in Newquay.”

Events and Loyalty Card


Chris Owen, manager of Surfing Life

“We stayed open for the late night shopping event during the Festive Festival 2014 and really felt the benefits of the additional footfall in the town centre throughout the weekend. It takes time to build an event like this but year-on-year we are seeing this event develop and it’s great for the town and businesses.”

Loyalty Card

Dougie Hastings, Local Marketing Manager at Prezzo

“At Prezzo we’re always looking for new ideas to really engage with our local audience and Newquay’s Loyalty card is exactly the type of way we want to reward our local regulars for their continued support.”

Vic Harrigan, owner of Disco Beads

“At Disco Beads we are keen supporters of the Newquay BID! It is important to do all we can to keep customers choosing Newquay as a shopping destination, and this impact’s on all areas of the town life. BID parking and shop discount offers help bring through trade that is much needed in the quieter months, and also act as a ‘thank you’ to loyal customers for their ongoing support.  It is important to give something back to our customers and also to develop a community spirit that unites us all.”

Seven Magazine

Jake and James, Directors, Watershed
“Having “Seven” is a really useful marketing tool for us. We have an extensive list of members on our database and we send a copy of Seven out with every single internet order. Seven really showcases Newquay and hopefully inspires those receiving our products to come here and experience the fantastic lifestyle and beaches that we have”

Kirsten Harford, Marketing Manager Newquay Zoo

“Being part of Newquay BID brings many benefits but one of the best marketing tools for us is their Seven Magazine publication. It is only published twice a year but it reaches the perfect target audience for the Zoo. The quality of the publication is also key to the success, it is packed with interesting articles about local people and businesses making people want to read it. Each article is given plenty of space and the magazine is never cluttered with adverts so it is a great opportunity to put your story across in full, we have taken advantage of this many times. The magazine makes for an interesting read for both the local market and further afield, we also stock the magazine in the cafe at the Zoo and it is the most popular publication for people to pick up whilst they enjoy their food. We look forward to each issue of Seven Magazine and we love being part of it – great work Newquay BID.”