With summer upon us we are delighted that more and more of the new signage is going up around the town. To date a third has gone up with more due in the next week. The first set of signs to go in was the welcome boards in the town’s car parks, designed to help new arrivals to the town orientate themselves and to set them off to explore the best of Newquay. In addition, a number of Locate signs, intended to encourage people to keep exploring, have also gone up in locations such as Fore Street, Trenance Gardens and Gover Lane. Two more sets of signs are due to go up soon.

Having carried out extensive research into where people go and what signage was already in the town we found that many visitors did not stray beyond 2 or 3 main locations and many regular visitors didn’t even know that Newquay had a harbour. These signs are designed to promote local businesses and help visitors get more from their time in the town.

Business listings have been included in the signage because business asked for this in the BID business plan. This is updateable and will be reviewed quarterly to reflect changes in businesses and any other details.

In regards to routes and timings, the most formal routes have been advised so signs do not direct people through carparks and the property of other businesses if it can be avoided.

There will be some teething problems with the installation, for example, the golf course sign was installed in the wrong place, but these will be rectified and amendments can be made if necessary.

If anyone notices any problems with the signage please let us know by email info@newquaybid.co.uk or calling the BID office on 01637 498599.